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UK Fantasy Strike Meetup! 29/10/16


I was hoping I might be able to join in at the last minute (esp as London isn’t really that far from Nottingham), but I just got back from Barcelona and I think another trip this weekend is probably not going to be feasible. But if you guys ever plan another meetup, tag me!


plz take and post pictures :heart:


Of course! I probably won’t be taking my fancy camera, because Codex is ENORMOUS and I’ll have some overnight stuff, but phone cameras are pretty good nowadays and I’ll be sure to get some photos while I’m not in intense game deliberation.

On another note, is it worth me bringing my laptop with FSFG on it? It’s only an oldish Macbook Air, but it runs well enough with the options turned down. Only thing is it drains the battery like nothing else, so I’d need a power socket. @APALM, you’ve been to this Waterstone’s before, is that likely to be available?


Mate bring it, I have to redeem myself against your val


woah, what? is there netplay?!


Perfect time for a trip. :smiley:

Edit: The German newspaper in question isn’t necessarily the most reliable/unbiased one so don’t take this too serious.


No I was at his house and he killed my Degrey with his val


Nah, @Bomber678 was showing me the ropes while he visited me in Southampton last weekend and got schooled by my mixups after a (surprisingly?) short amount of time


Yeah, it’s a big place, so there will be plug sockets!


@apalm do u happened to know if they have wifi available just curious


It’s a London cafe, so I’m sure they have wifi


Great time today lads - shall we get a date for next time?

If you want to catch up again tomorrow night, I sent a PM to the group with the details.


Well?? Don’t keep us in suspense, we need photos and gossip from the day!


I feel like I was promised pictures. Where are the pictures?


Huge thanks to everyone who made it this weekend and to the organisers. I had a great time.



@APALM (specifically his wife) and Rincy took the most pictures, but the latter isn’t on these forums. I can copy them over from the Discord tomorrow. Or maybe @Bomber678 can convince him to register an account here.

Here’s the only one I took. Consider it a teaser:


Yaaaaaaaay! More more more!


Yeah I actually didn’t take a single picture cause I’m a dumb.
I’ll either get Rincy to send me the pics or just tell him to upload them (or both).


how do you like it, how do you like it…


Wish I could have made it, sadly work dragged me in that day :frowning: