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UK Fantasy Strike Meetup! 29/10/16


Well I’m a fighting gamer, but I doubt I’ll be bringing my own stick all the way to Britain. I think it’ll be mostly board gamers, though I know Fenrir is a fighting gamer too.
The biggest question is if the venue will have fighting games available (and also what venue).


I will be vacationing at London that week depending on meet up location may attend if that cool.


Wowsers now we have to have it in London, as it will attract Utralaw and neigutten!


Yeah I think I prefer London now PhD stuff has fallen into place


Well then I guess we’ll lock that in. Hopefully the other guys can still make it!

Official announcement! The meetup will be in London somwhere.
I don’t know where yet. I’ll do some more research.


Depending on the set up I might be able to bring a couple of sticks.


My friend in London recommended a couple of game-friendly pubs:

St Christopher’s, London Bridge: Used by his RPG meetup regularly, but apparently might be a bit busy on a Saturday
White Mustache, Camden: “Really cool beer selection, and they’re very game-friendly – if you phoned ahead, you could probably reserve a table that’s slightly separated from the rest of the bar”

A pub might not be ideal from the point of view of Actual Fighting Games on a computer/console, but those are some suggestions for now. Personally my terrible reflexes and lack of knowledge mean that I’d be 100% happy with FSFG on a laptop, and would be just fine even with only physical game stuff.


As I’m flying to another country, I don’t even know if I’ll be bringing a laptop. I might, but I don’t know.
So I don’t have specific plans for video games.

So if you want to make it happen, someone else would need to organise it. Would be cool though!


Can we make a list of who is caming for sure, who is still in maybe, etc?
ty very much


I’ll compile one when I get home and cross post as usual.

To start though, I’ll be there for sure! :smiley:


Ok, here’s a list of attendees so far
(Correct me if I get it wrong)

Confirmed attending:


Sillily is already committed to something on that date:

If I’ve missed anyone, let me know!


@Bomber678 any chance rincy is interested?


Oh yeah I haven’t asked him yet. I will soon.


Nooo you guys are going to have such a good time and I’m missing out :crying_cat_face:


I was about to book tickets before I checked my schedule and … I can’t make it :frowning: it seems I thought it was on a free weekend, but it is in a work weekend for me, so I can’t join. Wah wah


Neigutten noooooooooooo :(((
I wanted to meet youuuuu


Awwww that to bad neigutten
Crossing my finger for a change in ur schedule :grimacing:


I wanted to be there toooo, to bring the awkward to Londonium was my mission, but work is strict, and my schedule isn’t as flexible anymore sadly.


You is making me a sad boy


Hey guys Rincy said he’ll come