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UK Fantasy Strike Meetup! 29/10/16


Tell that fool to make an account on here already :joy:


Hi UK people. I’m thinking about visiting UK Games Expo this year. Anyone going too and/or interested in another meet-up?
The expo is in Burmingham IIRC.


I’ll be at UKGE for the whole weekend (Thursday - Sunday), and would love to play some Codex - even though I’ve not managed to play since last summer and also don’t find the time to read this form much or play PBF games any more. So I’ll be rusty as hell (and was always pretty terrible) - but if that doesn’t put you off playing, then I’d definitely be up for arranging some games of Codex! (Although i don’t really fancy taking my Deluxe set all the way there for the full weekend. I’ve never played enough to figure out a sensible storage solution.)