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UK delivery of Codex


Just wondering, has anyone in the UK received their copy of Codex Deluxe yet?

Who is shipping? I seem to remember getting an email some weeks ago, but can’t locate it now!



Not yet, it’s coming via shipnaked, apparently we should get email confirmation in the next day or so.


I got confirmation that my shipping label had been printed at 7:23 this evening. Unfortunately it’s being shipped to my mother’s halfway across the country for me, but soooooooooon!


Still not heard anything, and I live in London. Should I be worried?


I dunno, I haven’t heard anything and I emailed Shipnaked for further news. We were supposed to get something a week ago. Delays are just one of those things and it is technically still early (though it feels rough not to be part of the first weeks of play) but I would have appreciated them saying either way. Is everyone’s delayed or just us? Is it a delay or have they mislaid our order or playset?