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[Tournarment] IYL 8 - Ongoing

This is him? The man of Rooks vs the World fame himself? I’ve read all of your books! And listened to your podcasts, and bought the t-shirts, and-


Final Signup List (divisions to be assigned soon)

  1. vengefulpickle (0200-0500)
  2. ArthurWynne
  3. Caralad (1900-2200)
  4. flagrantangles (0015-0230)
  5. mysticjuicer (0030-0300)
  6. Nopethebard (0300-0400)
  7. Castanietzsche (2000-2300)
  8. CarpeGuitarrem (0100-0500)
  9. Shax (0300-0600)
  10. Ivan (1900-2200)
  11. mastrblastr
  12. shamusj (1200-1600)
  13. feebee (2200-0300)
  14. variable (2130-0200)
  15. snoc (1900-2200)
  16. darkness (2000-2200)
    17. Zajety (1900-2300)
  17. Gingivitusk (2200-0200)
  18. Tekopo (2000-2300)
  19. migohunter (0400-0700)
  20. CKR (2200-0300)
  21. Ginorm (0000-0300)
  22. ohithere (0400-0700)
  23. undergroundmonorail (0100-0400)
  24. Hobusu (0100-0700)
  25. MysticDeadman (1730-2100)
  26. Knifight (2100-0500)
  27. WondrousHippo
  28. Legion (???)
  29. Niijima-san
  30. SouthpawHare
  31. Zqxx (0100-0700)
  32. GutterOwl (2300-0500)
  33. JHSnacks (0000-0400)
  34. KevAshTao (1200-2100)
  35. Fluffiness
  36. Rinzler (0000-0600)
  37. feathers (1200-1600)
  38. MR75
  39. Accel (0200-0600)
  40. Djister


The 40 thieves Players set forth to destroy one another in Yomi combat!

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@Legion, @Niijima-san, @Djister: You guys are signed up, like it or not.


What time zone are all of these time ranges in? I’m guessing UTC, but it would be nice to be sure.

They are, in fact, all converted to UTC.

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Alrighty, the moment you all have been waiting for is here: Here are the divisions!

Challonge links are in the titles.

Morningstar Sanctuary

  • Hobusu
  • undergroundmonorail
  • CarpeGuitarrem
  • Zqxx
  • vengefulpickle
  • Accel
  • Djister
  • mastrblastr
  • Nopethebard
  • Shax
  • migohunter
  • ohithere
  • mysticjuicer

Flagstone City

  • Rinzler
  • Knifight
  • variable
  • Gingivitusk
  • CKR
  • feebee
  • Fluffiness
  • Niijima-san
  • SouthpawHare
  • WondrousHippo
  • GutterOwl
  • Ginorm
  • JHSnacks
  • flagrantangles

The Dreadlands

  • feathers
  • shamusj
  • KevAshTao
  • MysticDeadman
  • ArthurWynne
  • Legion
  • MR75
  • Caralad
  • Ivan
  • snoc
  • darkness
  • Castanietzsche
  • Tekopo

@Leontes, any way you can unlock the first post for editing, so that I can update the title/participants?


We have managed to reverse the trend of decline for the first time in years and exceed the number of participants in IYL 6 - lovely. Shoutout to CKR for putting faith in the momentum back when we were barely in the 20s.

Now, let’s see who I’ll have the honor of going up against in my first major tournament-

Caralad. Ah.



Dreadlands for the 3rd IYL in a row. This will be the year Gwen, Gloria and I make the Land of the Shadow Plague proud.


Apparently I got Round 1 bye. Guess the tournament begins for me a week from now

The appropriate video after seeing some of the old guard return.


woah, I’m always in the dreadlands. I should start playing vandy, garth and orpal, too bad they aren’t yomi chars! btw i’m an EU boy too


I feel like that was my fault. I made a wish in the Discord to get Dreadlands again for the lore, and my division got renamed.


Nah, it just worked out. Dreadlands is historically the Euro division, and your availability just matches up with the EU Bois.


I think this should be my 2nd IYL. I took part in only one the year I started playing yomi, then i preferred shorter tournaments.:thinking:


Late in the season for this, but I realized I just blindly copy-pasted the playoff entrance rules from last season, but that was a different number of divisions.

This year, we have 3 divisions. I’d like to have an 8-person playoffs, so 1st and 2nd from each division will be in, and the top 2 of the 3rd place finishers will get in (as judged by set-win percentage and then game-win percentage (both among actual played games, to account for different numbers of dropouts/players in each division)).

If you see a way in which this is grossly unfair, let me know.


Could do a play in for the bottom 2? idk if that’s better or worse.

Yeah, ends up being a bit odd w/ a play-in of 3 (or 6) people for 2 spots.