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[Tournament] Yomi Olympic Carnival 2018 - Concluded


Sorry? Did I hear that Rook needs some love?

Australia, reporting in.



I like the way that team transitions from grey to light brown from left to right.


I’ll be USA btw


I just joined the site but I’ve been playing Yomi for a couple months and have been really enjoying it, so I figured I might as well try this out. I’ll just start out with my three favorite characters :geiger: :troq: :rook:


@Leontes, the people are calling on you to join and get us a perfect 32-bracket!


Again? Okay



@mysticjuicer , you predicted my 1st team inclination lol

Get out of my head plz


Alright, we’re at 32, so I’m going to close the bracket, and send out matchup messages by this weekend!

The challonge is up to date with all the current seeding.


S O N :slight_smile:


Welcome! :smiley: Hope you have a great tournament experience!


@vengefulpickle I love the work you do for the community, but I would suggest that you don’t seed all entrants in the future. I like seeding, but maybe only for top 8 (so that there are fewer first round potential grand finals). If you seed the last ranked guy against the first ranked guy every time, seems like that’s not a great experience (now watch me get blown up round 1).


Hmmm. That’s an interesting point. I haven’t sent out the match invites yet, so I’m considering randomizing the bottom 50% of players.


I agree with fivec, seed top 8 so they don’t meet early, let everything else be random.


Alrighty, done. We’ll see how it goes!


Speaking as one of the people who would likely be facing a pretty rough round 1 with full top-bottom seeding, I don’t think that’s actually a problem. The tournament being double-elimination naturally leads to more even match-ups in the later rounds. If you’re going to seed anyone (and I think you should) it makes no sense to go for half measures.


I was reading some arguments to that effect. I’m going to stick to this bracket for this tournament, but I’m definitely willing to reconsider for the next one I run (and seed the whole thing).


Castanietzsche vs @Caralad
2 - 3 : Caralad wins !



Character popularity!

11 - Zane
7 - Troq / Onimaru / Setsuki / Menelker / DeGrey
6 - Geiger
5 - Argagarg / Midori
4 - Lum / BBB / Gloria / Gwen / Grave
3 - Jaina / Valerie
2 - Rook / Persephone / Vendetta / Quince


mfw all my characters are tied for 2nd most popular


ArthurWynne vs HolyTyrant27
Norway vs Parts Unknown

:jaina: :psfist: :knockdown: :geiger:
:gloria: :psfist: :knockdown: :troq: Ridiculous draws on the Norwegian side - the big deciding moment was Sun And Moon+JJJ+Overdose!!!
:argagarg: :knockdown: :psfist: :troq: Naked Beast Unleashed finish!
:argagarg: :psfist: :knockdown: :geiger:

Final result, 3-1 to Norway!