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[Tournament] Yomi Olympic Carnival 2018 - Concluded


@vengefulpickle i’ll represent Castlevania (located in the beautiful Walacchia)


I had changed my original post earlier to include “Michigandia” as my country.


I’ll play :degrey: :zane: :lum:


Sure let’s give this another try with a possibly dicier roster:

:grave::bbb::persephone: are in it for America (USA)


The Norwegian roster has been determined.

Red: :jaina:
White: :gloria:
and Blue: :argagarg:


I think I’m going try a harder then originally planned. Switch my roster to:

:grave: :midori: :troq:


I was quite in doubt on my team selection, thinking about make it more balanced.
But finally why? Let’s play with my fav chars!

so my team will be:

:grave: :menelker: :gwen:


Someone likes 0 speed uppercuts.


Ugh I think I might last minute sign up for this but seriously conquest weirds me out.

I have like 1 day to decide right?


Yeah, I’m gonna try to build the bracket on Saturday. If you post by late Friday night, that’ll be fine.

Conquest isn’t that much stranger than the thing FSFG has (will have), right?


Just play :codextroq: :codexrook: :codexmidori: if you want to win


nah, man. PTW is just :zane::troq::degrey:


We call this “the Djister” and it is a very advanced manoeuvre.


Midori, Menelker, Zane?


It’s time for me to rejoin the community.



3 more to make it 32!!


Oh, I didn’t notice it! :scream::innocent::rofl:


@Legion, are you in for sure? It’s nearly decision time…


yes, i am in. ty


Poor :chibirook: nobody wants him :sob::skull: