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[Tournament] Single Character Showdown 3: Gloria Grayson


Signups will run until 23:59 GMT on Sunday 5 November with initial bracket being generated 12 hours later at 12:00 noon GMT Monday 6 November.

You will have a week to play your matches, with the deadline being every Sunday at midnight, and conversations sent out by Monday at noon.


Hall of fame:

  • Chiefest Magistrate: ExSeth
  • Most Devious Strategist: @Caralad


  • All players must only play Gloria.
  • Double elimination.
  • Best of 7/first to 4.
  • Medium timer.
  • Rules enforced.
  • Double KO is a win for neither side and must be replayed.
  • Priority rules are as in the physical game (but not enforced in the client). The lower life player has priority, and may play abilities, or demand that the opponent plays abilities, first.
  • Playing ahead is allowed and encouraged, but be sure to include TOs in any scheduling conversations.
  • Scheduling conflicts will be adjudicated by the TOs.
  • Be a good sport and have fun!

If the entry count is less than 8, the tournament will be a round robin format, and otherwise double elimination.


  1. snoc
  2. vengefulpickle
  3. variable
  4. mysticjuicer
  5. flagrantangles
  7. MysticDeadman
  8. Hobusu
  9. Caralad
  10. Southpaw Hare
  11. sharpobject
  12. Attilian
  13. KenkakuKnight
  14. MR

Also, I’d welcome a volunteer to co-TO in the case of any conflicts involving myself.


@Bomber678 see I did it no bamboozle


I’m in. I think I can manage 2 weeks of getting roflstomped in addition to the other tournament I’m running. :smile:


I’m in, as well! :chibigloria:


Heck yeah, I’m in!


I’m quite familiar with drugs so this seems an easy choice. I’m in, honeypills.


New to using the Blonde healer but learning to love her more and more. Count me In :slight_smile:


There are people who can help with this kind of thing.

It’s the wrong Grayson sister, but I’ll take what I can get! In!


I enjoyed the couple games I played with Gloria in LLL, so may as well take the opportunity to try her again!


Gloria mirrors seem terrifying. Count me in.


I don’t mind co-TOing, btw.


I’m no stranger to being a pretty pink magical girl.

Count me in.


let’s play


Where’s @LK4O4


Please no. This needs to be a tournament, not a slaughter and pile of bodies at the foot of the Medical Queen’s throne.





Where’s guybrush…


Best 4 of 7. Double elimination. That’s a bit too much drugs for me. By the time me and you get to the Grand Finals, I’d probably never be able to look at Gloria again.

I enjoy her too much to risk that. Yeah, not touching this with a ten foot pole.


OMG drugs! I want drugs!


I appreciate the shout-out, but unfortunately, I won’t be joining in the festivities. However, I did make sure to move my guide over to these forums for anyone who wants to study up:

:heart: :gloria: :heart: