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[Tournament] Rook's Rock 'n Rumble


In, playing for the majestic Heirs, by And So I Watch You From Afar


Give me a month of Spotify Premium pls

In The Court of the Crimson King by King Crimson


@Leontes @MadKing possible to add this to the ‘events’ page?


Yup! Will do after I’ve had my coffee T_T


YOU GUYS HAVE GOOD TASTE @Redless @mysticjuicer @Zejety @CKR @MadKing


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I am in! I will play for the original Undertale OST. Been too lazy to buy it myself, so far :nauticaldog:


I’ll play for TOHO INST EDM3 by Spacelectro


I’m in! I’ll play for a month of Spotify, but my favorite album is Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold!


I most likely won’t have any internet from the 14th-17th of September, FYI


I’m in! Playing for {Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack}


I’ll play for the Spotify cash (I don’t even have an account!)

As for favourite…hmm tough choice. But I’ll go for Absolute Greatest by Queen


I’ll join in on this madness! I shall play for Adore Delano’s Till Death Do Us Party.


On one hand I kind of want to play Yomi, but on the other, if there are 16 people in the tournament that might be a lot of work… : (



I would love this more if it was, indeed, a one day tournament ^^


Sorry to hear it Redless! I don’t want to change the format at this point because enough people have committed to the way it was originally advertised. I’ll probably host some one-days (with admittedly less prize support, I ain’t made of cash) alongside this, though, so keep an eye out.


Ok I will play. I had a hard time deciding on an album, but since I already bought Undertale soundtrack I would like to play for $10 of Steam Wallet credit. I will also play under the banner of Undertale soundtrack.


Sign me up coach. Have to verify the price but think I’ll be playing for Partynextdoor 3 by Partynextdoor


Fresh site, fresh Deadman.
(still rockin’ :chibigwen:, tho, so CP me imo)
In for some Spotify action, though I’ll be battling in the name of Linkin Park and their Hybrid Theory album.


I no longer even really own anything that can play CDs with, so I guess maybe I’ll play for a month’s subscription fees for Apple Music? Currently can’t stop listening to Genesis, especially Invisible Touch.