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[Tournament] PSYDUCK 2016


We can do our match this week-end if you want : )
@Bomber678 and @Jude seem very busy :confused:


oh yeah I died

pretty tragic

I’m better now




:chibiargagarg: β€” Castanietzsche 3 - 0 @Zejety β€” :chibirook: :smiley_cat:

[details=Bank] β€”Button Mashing - Chip Damageβ€”
β€”Dashing Strike β€” Hundred Fist Frenzyβ€”
β€”Stolen Purples β€” Axe Kickβ€”
β€”One of Each ------ X Copyβ€”
β€”Custom Combo – It’s Combo Timeβ€”

Bank (screenshot)

Round 1. :chibiargagarg: - :psfist: :pschip: - :chibirook:
no bank change
Round 2. :chibiargagarg: - :psfist: :pschip: - :chibirook:
Stolen Purples :blackarrow: Roundhouse
Round 3. :chibiargagarg: - :pschip: :psfist: - :chibirook:
Roundhouse :blackarrow: Risky Move
Round 4. :chibiargagarg: - :psfist: :pschip: - :chibirook:

[details=Thoughts]Round 1. For this first round, I’m playing the vanilla non-fancy Arg. My chip choices were mainly Button Mashing - Stolen Purples and Axe Kick and of course many many Combines. Just like all rounds, this was very tight and I won because he didn’t have a Crash Gem at the good moment.
Round 2. Pretty the same as the precedent, but with some more econ problems for me. I didn’t adapt to not having 1 and 2 cost chips, so I bought 1 Gems several times. Still very tight
Round 3. Even more econ problems ! I had to buy Wounds :crying_cat_face: Removing Stolen Purple was a very good choice of Zejety !
Round 4. I’ve no idea on how I won this one ! In a turn, he bought 1 Double Crash Gem AND a Combine ! :scream_cat: I also did stupid things such as playing Protective Ward when two Combines were coming :kissing_cat:
Hopefully the Double Crash Gem never went in his hand ![/details]

Thanks for the game @Zejety :smile_cat:
It was very fun, I absolutely love Puzzle Strike :heart_eyes_cat: