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[Tournament] PSYDUCK 2016


Thanks @deluks917 !
Ok so making a balanced bank without changing at least 4 or 5 chip piles from a preset seems impossible.
My idea was bad, sorry. Let’s just pick a random bank each time, and at each match the looser can choose to make a random new or to change 1 chip pile !

In that way, the games will be quicker to set up and will probably be more fun, even if Sets Oni and Jaina will remain Top Tier most of the time !


Alright, I really want to try PS again and I think committing to this will help me. :slight_smile:
My old main was Lum but I think I’ll be playing Rook in this.

Edit: Shouldn’t this be Psyduck 2017? There’s 1 round in 2016^^


I feel the same way. My play will be far from optimal, it will just feel good to be playing it some again.

I’ve done a handful of games against the bot to remember all the chips and what I used to do. It’s just been a long time.


There have been fixed bank tournaments in the past that used chip lists like the one I posted. They ran fine. I don’t see why you need to rely on modifying a default bank.


NP, let’s do it with random bank, people don’t like to see tournament rules changed several times.


I’m interested in joining! I just got the Steam version in the Autumn sale, and never played the physical game despite having it for a few months already lol, so I’m a total newb. I’m pretty free next week too.


Well anyway, I will join, to lose first round.


Who is here that honestly doesn’t expect to lose the first round? I don’t think anyone has been secretly practicing, waiting for the day a reunion tournament was held. I think it will be a contest of whose skills deteriorated the least, or were higher to start with.

I’m also fine with you announcing my character since other people’s choices are public.


Oops, didn’t read the rules rofl, I’ll pick Gwen.


Wow, if Bomber thinks he’s doomed, the part of the bracket I don’t recognize must be seriously stacked.


Implying you think I’m good at puzzle strike.
You’re probably the best entree so far I’d say. Depends if deluks or schnauzer pop in.


Inscriptions closed ! Predictions opened !


What does the invitation pending next to the names mean on Challonge?


I maybe did wrong, but it’s an optionnal feature so np if you let it as it is :slight_smile:


Everybody should have gotten an email invitation to the tournament. The email includes a link to confirm your participation.


:chibirook: Zejety vs. :chibigwen: @pressstart
Zejety wins 3-0.

Banks and purchases:

[details=Round 1]Chips for Free, Combinatorics, Dashing Strike, Iron Defense, Mix-Master, Combos Are Hard, X-Copy, Custom Combo, It’s Combo Time, Master Puzzler

I only bought gems, purples and a late Combos Are Hard which I’ve never got to play.[/details]

[details=Round 2]Just a Scratch, Money for Nothing, Color Panic, Chips for Free, Combinatorics, Hundred-Fist Frenzy, Axe Kick, Roundhouse, X-Copy, The Hammer

Bought Money for Nothing turn 2, after pressstart bought 2 Just a Scratch. That and a Roundhouse were the only non-gem, non-purple chips I purchased this round.[/details]

[details=Round 3]Secret Move, Repeated Jabs, Thinking Ahead, Button Mashing, Sneak Attack, Dashing Strike, Iron Defense, Mix-Master, One of Each, Signature Move

An awkward turn 1 made me buy Thinking Ahead, which wasn’t a bad purchase in the long run. Pressstart’s early Mix-Master made this one pretty close. Luckily, I was able to buy my first One of Each early, which snowballed into being able to buy multiples later and quickly cycle to my Combines. I also bought an Iron Defense which saved my ass in my final turn. In retrospect, Button Mashing would have been nice, but I managed without the fork. Pigs were really useful![/details]


i did not get an invitation in my e mail yet. Is it because i don’t have an opponent yet?


Yes :slight_smile:


Bomber678 and Jude are currently scheduling their match, the tournament is still running !


Any update? I’d really like to continue playing: :<