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[Tournament] NFTT round 7! Second last chance!


Ooooh, I’m totally down to participate again!


Peeps, reminder here to get in the tournament in a few hours!


Sory, due to work obligations, I’ll have to drop this week’s event. Good luck to all!


The Bracket is here :smiley:


Game 7:

Zejety beats Leontes 2-0

Why throw when you can :psfist:ATTACK :psfist:?


@SouthpawHare apparently this is a double elim tournament and we’re supposed to play right now lol


Caralad vs the general

:degrey: :pschip: :psfist: :lum:
:zane: :psfist: :pschip: :lum:
:zane: :psfist: :pschip: :lum:


FaceOnMars vs. Leontes
:gwen: :pschip: :psfist: :midori:
:gwen: :pschip: :psfist: :midori:

FaceOnMars vs. The General
:gwen: :pschip: :psfist: :lum:
:gwen: :pschip: :psfist: :lum:

nuff said
Edit: Adjusted number of games actually played. Even though I only lost 2 games per set it sure as hell felt like three. Thank You Niijima-san for pointing out the nakedly obvious.


Caralad vs Shin Fluffy (fluffiness)

:bbb: :psfist: :pschip: :bbb:
:bbb: :pschip: :psfist: :gloria:
:zane: :psfist: :pschip: :gloria:


Zejety beats @MR75 (I think?) 2-0


Caralad vs @Zejety

:rook: :pschip: :psfist: :gwen:
:rook: :psfist: :pschip: :gwen:
:rook: :psfist: :pschip: :bbb:

Fun fact, in the last game bbb did about 25 damage at range. And still almost won.


The King is dead

Caralad vs @Fluffiness

:zane: :pschip: :psfist: :zane:
:troq: :psfist: :pschip: :zane:
:troq: :pschip: :psfist: :jaina:


:troq: :psfist: :pschip: :rook:
:troq: :psfist: :pschip: :gwen:

GG’s all.


Only FoM can lose 3 games in a first to 2 set.


Thanks for joining people! :smiley: Congrats on breaking the E U C U R S E @Caralad, and ending up on second place collectively!

At this point, it seems like Fluffiness, Caralad and FourLiberties are secured a spot in the top 8. But one of @Zejety, @Niijima-san, @BD_Corro could end up outside of top 8, if the point spread from the next tournament ends up being “rigged” against them.

Everyone else needs to get as much points as they can if they want to join. I also havent seen or heard from either @FourLiberties or @Shax these last couple of weeks, so there might be two spots in the top eight that has to go to places nine and ten, so get those points!


Just because it could happen, what happens in the case of a tie for points to get into the top 8?


That reminds me, I was supposed to hear your opinions about it! Let me continue that discussion in the feedback thread ^^


So, it didn’t look like this reached as many people in the other topic, so I will repost it here ^^

So, it was the topic of how to deal with Tiebreakers.

This topic talks about tiebreakers, and looking at IYL tiebreakers, they are also talking about some of the similar stuff. I have been focusing on mallorean_thug and FrozenStorms comments.

So, unless there is something I haven thought about that makes this thing different, these are the tiebreakers

  1. Head-to-head results

And then I’m slightly unsure.


  1. The highest amount of games won in total?
  2. The highest average of games won in total?

Any suggestions?


Don’t have strong opinions either way. Probably highest number of wins? Dunno.


I think rewarding turning up more often is a good plan, and agree with number of wins.


I know @Attilian asked about tiebreakers in the last NFTT topic, so Im tagging you to get your responce too ^^