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[Tournament] NFTT round 4! Saturday the 27th of May! 30$ prize pool!

There was another thread where @Leontes helped a few people out w/ that sort of thing.

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Actually, I think I’ll have my sister play instead of me but on my account. Results wise it would be as if I never showed and some new player joined instead.

Ethically, is there a problem with me giving advice over her shoulder?

I think that would fall under coaching.

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Mysticjuicer is correct, that will go under coaching according to the rules.

Obvious in hindsight. I’ll tide myself over with pointing fingers and laughing.


The bracket! :smiley: :smiley:

For MJ’s records. I lost the first round, troq > BBB, Troq > Geiger, Mene < Geiger

I then beat leontes Rook > BBB, Rook > Geiger

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Oh nooooooo!
I did’t check the start time and I expect 2400 like last time!!!
damn me!

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Awwww, you get to be here next time! :smiley:

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Results for today:

BBB < Troq
Geiger > Troq
Geiger > Menelker

Gloria > Onimaru
Gloria < Menelker PERFECT
Rook < Menelker

Zane > BBB
Zane < Zane
Vendetta > Zane

Gloria < DeGrey
Vendetta > DeGrey
Vendetta < DeGrey


To continue the report

Zane > Grave
Zane > Grave

Oni > Oni
Oni < Arg
gloria < Arg

GG’s everyone!


Very proud of my sister today. She went 1-2 and apparently has no fear when throwing. I mostly didn’t coach but I did give a quick tip or two during the BBB match up because she had no idea what Range was. I kept it to just explaining though.


I totally forgot that that was not you, which means I fucked up the seeding for the tournament. I was being distracted by Fluffiness and her sister playing two accounts and making sure that was correct in the bracket.

This had a bad effect for @mysticjuicer ending up playing against Fluffiness instead of FourLiberties in Round 3, which means he played Attilian in Losers round 4 instead of Losers round 5.

It also meant that @SouthpawHare played against Mysticjuicer instead of starting with a bye, playing against Corbeau instead of starting out in round 1 against Caralad.

I know both of you are competative players, lusting for points, and I have to apologize for disrupting the integrity of the tournament in this way. I hope that it is at least forgiveable :slight_smile:

EDIT: If there are potential solutions to it, I am willing to hear it out!


Was trying to explain Yomi characters to a friend who was watching the newest Friday Night Fisticuffs video, so I logged on to look at the cards with no idea that there was a tournament scheduled. Had a great time though - I’ll try to keep an eye out for single-afternoon events like this.

My day was 10* games of Grave:
2-1* Grave vs Midori (my replays disagree with my memory - I remember it being 2-1, replays only shows 2 games)
1-2 Grave vs Troq
1-0 Grave vs Vendetta
1-0 Grave vs Arg
0-2 Grave vs Zane


I’m not bothered. Mistakes happen.

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Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Looking forward to seeing the updated standings. Gotta get non-bridesmaid-place one of these times. :triumph:

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I’ve been trying to keep track of all of the upcoming events on the IYL Calendar, and also have been tweeting from @IntlYomiLeague.


Last time I posted standings, I had a few errors, so I will double check these tomorrow to make sure. But these are the 01:22 on saturday night version of the standings hashtag-tired.

Good night everybody! :smiley: Thanks for a great show! :smiley:


Noice. Still in there.