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[Tournament] NFTT round 1, prize, 26th of february


EDIT: Bracket for the tournament here:

Hey! I guess I am doing this!

The tournament will be on Sunday the 26th of february.
Tournament starting time will be 13:00 PST / 16:00 EST / 22:00 CET and will last until it is finished. Probably less than 2 hours based on previous experiences.

Character select: First game of a set is double-blind, thereafter the loser of each game may switch
Format: Double-elimination (unless attendance is less than 16, in which case round robin or Swiss with a cut to single-elimination playoffs)
Timer: Fast
Set Length: Best of 3 / First to 2
Double KOs: No wins or losses awarded - replay the same match-up
Prize: A paypal giftcard worth 25$

No actual sign up necessary, as long as you show up at least 15 minutes before tournament start, I should be able to add you to a challonge bracket without much hassle. But please note your interest for the purpose of gathering attention to the tournament :smiley:

Please read through the rules. I will be able to add or change things up until 3 days before the tournament, so if there are errors, things that are overlooked or overemphasized, this is the time to give feedback and suggestions to how it should be otherwise.


Count me in!


I think I am available. Fast timer Yomi us BEST YOMI


Do u mean Sunday the Feb 26 th? Or Saturday Feb the 25th?


in, just tell me the right date


Darn! It’s on the Sunday! Sorry for not having the correct date!


can we make it for th 25 femtober on Thorsday? wouldbe cool :smile:


I’ll do my best to be here. I am however a bit afraid by those rules. I love discovering new things and all, but “Fist to 2” ? Can we make that a finger?


xD Thanks for the typo catch!


There is a small chance I will have a conflict, but I will probably be down!


Both the timing and date seem to work just fine for me im in :smiley:


I would like to participate!


Then just show up in time! :wink:


Also, in case you didn’t already know, the event page on still says the event is for Saturday, Feb 25th.


and i just noticed there is no GMT time! plz halp!


The Oslo Norway time should be gmt+1 I think ^^

Also, @Leontes - could you please change the day to Sunday?


lol, sorry, my brain froze and i red PST/EST/CDT instead of oslo :blush:


Done, thanks!


Thanks ^^ woop woop!


I’m going to try and remember to join this. It’s been far too long since i last yomi’d