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[Tournament] Midori's Mentournament Returns [Sat 2nd Dec 9:00PM UTC]


I’ll offer myself as a mentor.

:zane: :troq: :lum: :grave: :degrey: are the characters I’d be most comfortable teaching, but if the student is new to the game then I can teach :midori: and :geiger: well enough too.

I would probably have time for about two hours a week, maybe a bit more. GMT timezone. Weekday evenings I have the odd hour available. Weekends are better for me and I can be relatively flexible then.


I can mentor. :quince: :geiger: :argagarg: :menelker: and :rook: are probably the best bets, but I’m proficient with pretty much the entire cast except for :gwen: and :gloria:.


Just over a day left now for sign-ups


Signing up!

Do I have to learn? I kinda like being confused.


I’ll Mentor if needed. Willing to teach Rook or Troq. I am UK based for timezones.


Which characters would you be interested in learning?


The timestream professor and Valerie (for the nuking).



tbh is geiger that does the nuking :wink:


Sign-ups are now Closed.

I’ll Give everyone until 24:00 UTC 14th Nov to finalise their character choices.

I’d like to ask the following players who haven’t provided a timezone or availability to do so otherwise you’re liable to be paired up with someone you’ll struggle to get sessions in with.
@ArthurWynne @Hobusu @shamusj @Mellhurst @neigutten @SouthpawHare @sharpobject @MadKing


I’m in Eastern time and should be available most days after 7 pm EST. Also, while :onimaru: Oni is the character I’m most interested in learning for tournaments, I’d also appreciate some :gloria: Gloria pointers. That shouldn’t be a focus, though, since her good matchups overlap with :setsuki: :degrey: my other characters.

(Can you tell I’ve been playing Super Mario Odyssey with how I’m using the character icons?)


My timezone is CET, that is to say GMT +1 (but currently GMT +2 because of Daylight Savings.) I had taken it for granted that I’m going to be paired up with my fellow Norwegian neigutten, so that’s why I didn’t answer this earlier. Sorry about that!

Edit: Mellhurst, who is a friend of mine, is on HKT, that is GMT +8.


Yeah, we are planning on partying together like it was the 80s


Hi, I’m currently GMT + 0. Weekdays after 7pm should be fine with some notice. Thanks.


I’m in Eastern US timezone, and I am free on weekday evenings after 7pm. I can also find time on weekends where necessary.


+8, Hong Kong :slight_smile: thanks


My timezone is PDT. I’m available during the week moreso than during weekends.


Is it too late to state I’m also interested in learning :zane: and :bbb:?


I’m PST and mainly free weekends + mon/tues evenings


That’s the final pairs up now.

I paired people up as best as I could in relation to time and character choice, there are a couple of rough exceptions but for the most part everyone should be within an hour of each others timezones.

For the pairs that had multiple characters in common I’ve put up both of the characters, you are welcome to practice one or both of them at your own discretion.

Conversations have now been sent out.


For the Swiss-bracket on sat 2nd Dec based on the timezones we have 9PM UTC seems like it would probably be the best time, how does that work out for people?