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[TOURNAMENT] Lum's Lucky Lottery: 3 of a Kind


oh i haven’t actually said i’m in

i’m in


You said it twice there, actually.
Unfortunately for you, I can only accept one entry per player.
You know how it is.


Count me in!
I already lost Solo Showdown (alas I was on holiday! :laughing:), sure I’ll not miss this one!
Thanks for hosting !


Turns off Fire Pro

This looks good. I’m in.

Turns on Fire Pro


Interesting pick for my first tourney…I’m in


Ooh, I’m in - as well! :smiley_cat:


i may end up dropping the first round since i will not be home for a week from Sept 6-13. But if that is ok Sign me up!


Still lots of time to prep yourselves for this! Buy your scratch-off ticket now! You never know what’s in store!


Ok, I’m in. I was kind of sad that I didn’t get in on the last one in time :frowning:

I can play more characters than Setsuki you know!


No you can’t.



I have 7 characters at Grandmaster ok.


And I have 20 characters at GM 11. Doesn’t mean I can play them.

That aside, we’ve made it to a nice bracket size! Not bad for my second hosted tournament. I’m still taking signups, though, so don’t feel left out if you haven’t joined yet!


I’m in, honeycakes.


I’ll go ahead and pencil you in for now. You might get lucky and we may end up with an uneven bracket. If we do, there’s a chance you might get a bye into the second round.


Wow, lies.

[Yomi Tournament] IYL 5

Ooof I gotta get in on this one plzzzzz :stuck_out_tongue: :chibilum:


Just under 2 weeks to go before this thing kicks off. Have you bought your raffle ticket yet?


I’ve been thinking about it and I think I’m going to back out.

Good luck everyone!


i really hope this is some elaborate trick to sign back up last min to troll us lol


I’ll join this and embarrass myself.

Unlike Fivec, I really can play only one character