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[TOURNAMENT] Lum's Lucky Lottery: 3 of a Kind


Bracket can be found here:

Hey guys! Internet’s Eternal Phenomenon here, and I think it’s time for another long-form tournament.

Or, as our favorite bamboo-eating gambler likes to say,


3rd Edition: 3 of a Kind


  • Double elimination
  • Best of 7
  • Medium timer
  • Double KO is a win for both players, unless it would cause both to win the set.
  • Random is the only character you may begin with.
  • Loser may choose whether to re-random either their own or their opponent’s character for counterpicking.
  • Double-Down counts as a win for both players unless they are at match point, both players re-random
  • Do not use Blind Pick to ensure the choosing of “Random” from both players. Any player deliberately choosing their character is grounds for a DQ.
  • Matches will be played weekly!
  • No EX characters (obviously)
  • Must have all characters unlocked (or access to at least 70 tokens/gold for randoming per match)

Important: Re-randoming should be done by choosing “New Game” and having both players re-pick with blind pick off so that you can ensure that someone is really picking “Random”. Snooze and you lose on that if you just took their word for it. There should be no reason for blind pick to be on at any point in this tournament. (You can also see it in the opening line of the history window, it should say [Character Name]] (Random) if you forget to duck out of match.)

Signups will be open until Saturday, September 2nd at 11:59 PM UTC (See here to figure out when that is for you), with opening round conversations going out Sunday the 3rd. Confirm your signup, or feel free to ask any questions you may have here. Let’s do ourselves a favor with this tourney and have some goofy fun!

Also, if anyone knows how to center text on this god-forsaken software so I can make this post a little more like what I want it to, that’d be swell. :chibighost:

Participant List
  1. Legion
  2. Vengefulpickle
  3. Niijima-san
  4. Zqxx
  5. Mystic Deadman
  6. GutterOwl
  7. Attilian
  8. Cooper8642
  9. Caralad
  10. Southpaw Hare
  11. mystictraitor mysticjuicer
  12. MR75
  13. Leontes
  14. mordred414
  15. variable
  16. Fivec
  17. flagrantangles
  19. lum_at_1st_sight
  20. SirHandsome
  21. thehug0naut
  22. Hobusu


in (10 chars)


Sounds like fun! Count me in.


I will play, but what about MJ’s 19whatever thing? I thought he was up next in the “queue”.


I’ll run the next 19XX installment in parallel with LLL. I was just holding off until IYL5 pool play ended, and SSIV had gone long enough to eliminate a sizeable portion of the participants.


plz join LLL! We need the ppl champion!


I need to level up my copypasta game.

A small change has been made to the rules in the OP. I noticed that the rules list states that the loser of each match must choose which player must re-random their character. The paragraph after that then states that the winner stays, loser re-randoms. This paragraph has been deleted. Loser must choose who re-randoms. I think the iteration with that rule was more fun than the original, which had the loser re-randoming no matter what.


I would definitely be in!


I’ll call. Plug me in.


What are the odds my opponent randoms into Troq? (reaches for calculator) Five percent is the answer. I am in.


Flips coin



If only 10 characters are allowed - im in.


Oooooh, so THAT’S what CKR stands for.
Can’t Kalculate Random.


I am confused. Do we only have ten characters?


I think what he is asking is if you are allowed to play if you can only random 10 of the 20 chars because you haven’t bought the expansion.


Sorry. For fairness, you’ll have to gain access to the Expansion set before you’ll be allowed to participate.


Put me in coach


I do not care if players only have 10 characters for the random select. If it means more players, then I am down for it. I just wanted a clarification. Do whatever you feel is best.


Like I said in chat, count me in MD.


Totally in