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[Tournament] Lum's Long Odds - Ongoing!


Me vs. Southpawhare

:chibivendetta: :psfist::pschip: :chibirook: 5
:chibivendetta: :psfist::pschip: :chibigwen: 5
:chibivendetta: :pschip::psfist: :chibigwen: 5
:chibiargagarg: :psfist::pschip: :chibigwen: 4
:chibiargagarg: :psfist::pschip: :chibirook: 4


There has been a forum update that now makes adding emojis on iPad a complete nightmare.


Life of a TO not easy at all :confounded:

You do the Lords work good sir!


UTRALAW 3-2 @Hobusu

:menelker::psfist::pschip::degrey: 6-0
:menelker::psfist::pschip::degrey: 6-0
:menelker::pschip::psfist::chibisetsuki: 0-4.5
:onimaru::psfist::pschip::chibisetsuki: 5-0
:onimaru::pschip::psfist::chibisetsuki: 0-5

Final total 17-9.5

Game Summary


Round 1- Match started slow both of us dodge and blocked the others attacks a lot until i got off a 7 throw and miss clicked to dump a 8 instead of a joker >.<. (i really hope he thought i was going for a even cross up) But the turn right after i got a big K combo in and a few more turns after that a nice Q fully pumped got me in the lead. Hobusu then reminded me who Degrey was and went on a tear beating me down to 1 health! last move of the game was really a 50/50 moment either i readed right and he dodges or he attacks me with AA but luck was on my side and he didn’t and i took game one.

Round 2- Tried for an early 7s throw but got denied. Next few turns was able to get him down to 59 health and joker his own 7s attack into AA to save my self from some big DMG. The rest of the match i was able to control the pace and took him down with some well timed throws until all i had to do was spam Q all day.

Round 3- Game 3 was a beating for me Hobusu just lite me up and totally got my number may have only won like one combat that game. i did exile all his Q away which was fun hehe

Round 4- Set vs Mel was not a match history wise that i was doing well in (Note to self need more practice) But i like the Oni vs Set match up better. Hobusu in the beginning of the match promised me i would not guard crush him at all!!! Game 4 i started with two Q in hand and thought why not spam that button… it a good button! After that got a nice attached ace with JJ in the back but started playing too passive and got caught in a 7 loop for a few turns. Match came down to both of us around 20 health but was able to wiggle my way in and hit a big Q attack with final authority

Round 5 - This one really came down to the wired i strike first with a dodged into KK then threw and counter threw a few 7s throws from Hobusu things were looking good. He hit me with a Q combo and i was able to duff him twice!!! Getting him down to 2 health!! But then his inner beast came out and things started going down hill for me as he J into AA me one turn and then 10 throw into a combo for 20 ish twice!! After that i was at 26 health and he ended me with a dodge into AAA

GGS! Hobusu you made my last round of this tournament a really fun one so many little hype moments throughout the match! Looking forward to the Yomi Olympic a format which i hope i do better in :stuck_out_tongue:


I got rekt

I might lose!


MR vs @Leontes

:grave::psfist::pschip::menelker: (5,0 - 0)
:grave::psfist::pschip::menelker: (5,0 - 0)
:grave::psfist::pschip::menelker: (5,0 - 0)
:grave::psfist::pschip::midori: (5,5 - 0)
:grave::psfist::pschip::midori: (5,5 - 0)

Total score 26,0 - 0,0

Absolutely amazing draws and right guesses when needed


Now I’m really sorry I didn’t hop on and try and record the match!


the replays are still available. u can watch and commentate them. even put the game in pause if u want to say something that requires time :wink:
EDIT: i am watching them right now @MR75 game 1 was incredible! great comeback!



It’s a good time to remember that Yomi’s true purpose is to humble us all.


CKR over @flagrantangles

:setsuki: > :persephone: 3.5 - 0
:setsuki: > :onimaru: 8.5 - 0
:setsuki: < :valerie: 8.5 - 5
:setsuki: > :valerie: 13.5 - 5
:setsuki: > :gwen: 18.5 - 5



mysticjuicer vs hamvvar

:bbb: :psfist: :pschip: :jaina: (5 - 0)
:bbb: :psfist: :pschip: :lum: (5.5 - 0)
:bbb: :psfist: :pschip: :midori: (3.5 - 0)
:bbb: :psfist: :pschip: :lum: (5.5 - 0)
:bbb: :pschip: :psfist: :jaina: (0 - 5)

mysticjuicer 19.5 - 5 hamvvar

ggs man! the bravery of that last combat reveal of the set, good god! :open_mouth: good to see around again!


Fusxfaranto vs ArthurWynne

:menelker: :psfist: :pschip: :jaina: (4.5)
:menelker: :psfist: :pschip: :jaina: (4.5)
:menelker: :pschip: :psfist: :argagarg: (4.0)
:midori: :psfist: :pschip: :argagarg: (6.5)
:midori: :pschip: :psfist: :persephone: (6.0)

Total score: 15.5 - 10



That was a good match. Thanks Fux! And thanks to vengefulpickle for running a very inventive and involved tournament, very smoothly!

I’ve greatly enjoyed my first real bout of long-running competitive Yomi.

I think my Jaina has been getting worse rather than better over the course of this tournament though. To be honest I’m a little dissatisfied - I didn’t really expect to make the top 10, although I hoped for it after the early rounds, but I’m miffed that I underperformed my seed.


I forgot this was seeded. Looks like I came in under my seed as well.


You were an unknown at the start of the tournament, so your seeding was basically arbitrary.


Yeah, I know. But it was based on the “newcomer”-ELO rating of 800, and with my results I expect my ELO is now sub-800.


disregard ELO, acquire EXP


variable dislikes this, but amazing stuffs - @MR75!! :smiley_cat:


Just as an FYI, I’m not going to be a stickler about the deadline this week. I know you guys are as excited to see the final results as I am!


Hold my beer. :smiley: