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[Tournament] Lum's Long Odds - Ongoing!


Yeah, thanks for the games. I’m a bit annoyed at myself. Between timer misplays, spending myself out of options, and being unwilling to represent throw enough in my range, I feel like I could have played that set a lot better.

I have the recording, so hopefully I can do some analysis/commentary when i can make some free time.


Leontes vs. CKR

:menelker::psfist::knockdown::grave: 5-0
:menelker::psfist::knockdown::grave: 10-0
:menelker::psfist::knockdown::grave: 15-0
:menelker::psfist::knockdown::grave: 20-0
:menelker::psfist::knockdown::grave: 25-0

I made some great reads this set. I was expecting to play into :zane: or :setsuki: so I picked :menelker:, but I noticed after the :grave: pick that :grave: does well against :midori::menelker: in this tournament, so I think I’ll be running into this matchup a lot.

Overall very tense set, I can say that Into Oblivion was the major workhorse of the fight, getting rid of TPoS and allowing me to slowly grind him down with ThrowAA and Black faces. CKR was very willing to throw which was dangerous, but I tried my best to keep his hand size down so that I could grind the fights out.

Very ggs man.

Bullshit-o-meter: 0 TPoS landed(blocked), 1 DSD attempted/landed


I completely disagree and think the exact opposite; Menelker does well against Grave in this tournament. Menelker definitely wins this matchup at least 5.5 but the historical chart has it at even.


By “does well” I mean that it’s not 6-4 or 4-6 or anything; 5.5 is a pretty acceptable margin in this tournament setting.

:midori: somehow has it 5.5 against :grave: on the historical chart when I’m willing to call that even, too, so yeah.


FaceOnMars vs. @GutterOwl

:gwen: :pschip: :psfist: :persephone:
:gwen: :psfist: :pschip: :persephone:
:gwen: :pschip: :psfist: :persephone:
:gwen: :psfist: :pschip: :persephone:
:gwen: :psfist: :pschip: :persephone:

Thanks for a fun set. Thanks for the music referral. I love listening to all sorts of music.


Grave/Menelker is a more difficult MU than I expected. Menelker has the advantage in the throw (throw speeds are equal but 7 ability/Dragon are superior) and attack game. He has the best TPOS defense in the game because he can power up for 0.0 speeds most of the time and threaten to crack bones if you respect it. This MU is a very difficult hand management game for Grave.

Grave needs his Ace (always fearing Menelker will destroy them) to do lots of things (1.0 Attacks, TPOS, and Throw Ender). Kings are very important because they at least match Menelker’s kings; however, you still lose badly needed cards on a black king clash. Jack hand suppression is like playing with fire, but is still decent in the early game. In addition, Grave may need some face card fodder for his mental toughness ability. Block/Block is scary because you can start to feel the dragon’s breath or an ultra combo approaching. This fear was my ultimate failure because I wanted to land too many early throws.

The bottom line is there is alot to think about in this MU, and I failed miserably. I should have counterpicked at some point. Stubborness is one of my character flaws, so I stuck with it. This may have been my lowest/most pissed off point in Yomi. A little over 24 hours later, I am calm again and ready to resume the Yomi grind. GGs, Leontes.

Edit: Here is an antidote (…:troq:?) for that Yomi stress.


Um, I agree. Menelker is my Grave cp.


I know. I apologize for not being clear. My response was to give an argument to support your claim.


Standings after Week 6

  1. Leontes: 107
  2. Ivan: 92
  3. mastrblastr: 86.5
  4. Southpaw Hare: 85.5
  5. thehug0naut: 85
  6. MR: 83
  7. variable: 82.5
  8. flagrantangles: 80.5
  9. CKR: 79.5
  10. Castanietzsche: 79.5
  11. snoc: 78
  12. Niijima-San: 70.5
  13. FaceOnMars: 69.5
  14. ArthurWynne: 67
  15. GutterOwl: 66.5
  16. MysticDeadman: 63
  17. vengefulpickle: 63
  18. neigutten: 58.5
  19. Three Headed Monkey: 58.5
  20. Fusxfaranto: 57
  21. UTRALAW: 54.5
  22. mysticjuicer: 52.5
  23. Hamvvar: 43.5
  24. Hobusu: 40.5

Week 7 Matchups


Week 1 Matchups

mastrblastr/Three Headed Monkey

Week 2 Matchups

Southpaw Hare/mysticjuicer

Week 3 Matchups

Three Headed Monkey/UTRALAW

Week 4 Matchups

Southpaw Hare/neigutten
Three Headed Monkey/Hamvvar

Week 5 Matchups


Week 6 Matchups

Hobusu/Three Headed Monkey

Week 7 Results

  1. CKR: 22 (W)
  2. Leontes: 20 (W)
  3. Niijima-san: 20 (W)
  4. Ivan: 19.5 (W)
  5. thehug0naut: 18 (W)
  6. mysticjuicer: 18 (W)
  7. Fusxfaranto: 18 (F)
  8. hamvvar: 17.5 (W)
  9. FaceOnMars: 16.5 (W)
  10. vengefulpickle: 16.5 (W)
  11. GutterOwl: 13 (W)
  12. MR: 12 (T)
  13. flagrantangles: 12 (T)
  14. UTRALAW: 10
  15. MysticDeadman: 10
  16. snoc: 9
  17. variable: 8
  18. Hobusu: 8
  19. ThreeHeadedMonkey: 8
  20. SouthPawHare: 5.5
  21. mastrblastr: 5
  22. ArthurWynne: 5
  23. Castanietzsche: 4
  24. neigutten: 0

Running Standings

  1. Leontes: 127
  2. Ivan: 111.5
  3. thehug0naut: 103
  4. CKR: 101.5
  5. MR: 95
  6. flagrantangles: 92.5
  7. mastrblastr: 91.5
  8. Southpaw Hare: 91
  9. variable: 90.5
  10. Niijima-San: 90.5
  11. snoc: 87
  12. FaceOnMars: 86
  13. Castanietzsche: 83.5
  14. GutterOwl: 79.5
  15. vengefulpickle: 79.5
  16. Fusxfaranto: 75
  17. MysticDeadman: 73
  18. ArthurWynne: 72
  19. mysticjuicer: 70.5
  20. Three Headed Monkey: 64.5
  21. UTRALAW: 64.5
  22. Hamvvar: 61
  23. neigutten: 58.5
  24. Hobusu: 48.5


Aw, I can see why ye would say that! :crying_cat_face: There were some spots I was surprised not to see a throw, but I probably see them less clearly than ye do! The other thing that surprised me (Though it probably did happen a few times & I’m just forgetting… :sweat_smile:) was a lack of Dominance getting back an odd normal & playing an even attack on the next turn while ye have On Your Knees to threaten the second KD. I feel like Quince is pressured more than most by that setup!

And, I was maybe playing a bit too conservatively at various points. I game five (I think) ye were respecting my safe plays by dodging on turns when :quince: had King-spin, and for some reason Flagstone’s Chief Magistrate was consistently unwilling to combat-reveal the Throw side of King in those situations! :scream_cat:

Oooh, that’d be cool to see! No rush, though!


Pretty sure i was only dodging your K spin because I was completely out of throws. :sweat_smile:


Man, this game is hard. I’ve “won” all 6 rounds so far, and I’m still not winning.

Seriously though, I’m not complaining. Just, wow, how do you compete with a @Leontes Dragon Destruction Wave as just recently witnessed? Jeez.


In this post I will take a running analysis of the characters in this tournament. I will update it as the weeks pass. At the end I will also include an analysis of significant matchups but not enough games have been played for that yet.

And thanks you to anyone who reported their matches with just the individual points played per game next to each game instead of running tallies or post game sum-ups; that makes this much easier!

Character Analysis

Points won/lost

:chibiargagarg: 25/21
Rating: 1.19
Arg sitting at the lowest he’s seen since the inception, but still with scant data.

:chibibbb: 46.5/26.5
Rating: 1.75
BBB loses a little bit but still in a great spot.

:chibidegrey: 86/101.5
Rating: .85
Slides slightly into arrears this week.

:chibigeiger: 5.5/10.5
Rating: .52
Not selected at all week 3, 4, 5, or 6. Science loses.

:chibigloria: 74/69.5
Rating: 1.06
Gloria not selected at all week 6.

:chibigrave: 131.5/110
Rating: 1.2
Grave slides up a bit this week.

:chibigwen: 103.5/89
Rating: 1.16
Slips a bit but still swinging.

:chibijaina: 97.5/100
Rating: .98
Jaina hits the negative for the first time since this tournament started. Sadness!

:chibilum: 54.5/39.5
Rating: 1.38
Mojo risin’

:chibimenelker: 215/180
Rating: 1.19
Menelker is now the most used character. Dragonmen rejoice.

:chibimidori: 107/79.5
Rating: 1.35
Midori not used at all week 6.

:chibionimaru: 59.5/64
Rating: .93
Onimaru falls into decline.

:chibipersephone: 127.5/185
Rating: .69
Persephone goes even further down the rabbit hole.

:chibiquince: 135/98.5
Rating: 1.37
Quince making big moves this week, looking strong.

:chibirook: 52.5/86
Rating: .61
A slight reprieve from the beating he has been taking, but still by no means looking pretty.

:chibisetsuki: 40.5/116.5
Rating: .35
Not picked at all week 5 or 6. Seems like people finally got the memo.

:chibitroq: 20/19.5
Rating: 1.03
Used once for the first time in weeks.

:chibivalerie: 49/75
Rating: .65
Valerie looking pretty grim these days.

:chibivendetta: 77/40.5
Rating: 1.9
Vendetta loses some ground this week, but still stands at the top of the heap.

:chibizane: 30.5/30.5
Rating: 1
Zane not selected at all week 5 or 6, remains precisely even.

This is my analysis so far. Keep fighting!


I remain a terrifyingly inconsistent player lmao


I’m starting to think that Zane’s not being picked at this point just to perpetuate a meme.

If that’s the case, I love you all.


@UTRALAW v. @hamvvar
:menelker: :psfist::pschip: :jaina: UTRA 4.5 p
:menelker: :pschip::psfist: :lum: HAM 5.5 p
:menelker: :pschip::psfist: :lum: HAM 5.5 p
:onimaru: :psfist::pschip: :lum: UTRA 5.5 p
:onimaru: :pschip::psfist: :jaina: HAM 6.5 p

UTRA 10 p
HAM 17.5 p



gutterowl vs mysticdeadman

:persephone::knockdown::psfist::gloria: 0-5
we get off to a rocky start with my computer crashing two turns in. so that’s fun. do manage to get a mistress that eats 3 healing spheres, but we get down to a scramble and I guess wrong.

:persephone::knockdown::psfist::gloria: 0-10
gloria gets turn 2 AAA. manage to dig my way to a low life scrum, play a big J++ combo to keep out of overdose range. we play like six turns of grabass for keeps before I eat an AA.

:persephone::psfist::knockdown::gloria: 5-10
dodge AAA into mistress’s? don’t mind if i do ma’am. lockdown follows.

:persephone::psfist::knockdown::grave: 9-10
lol mistress’s.

:persephone::psfist::knockdown::grave: 13-10
memes. wall to wall memes. the game is pure clown shoes. must watch replay. lock eventually takes hold.

ggs, mystic. good points denial.


thehug0naut vs @variable

:grave::pschip::psfist::lum: 4.0
I can’t really remember except for being outplayed the whole game

:grave::psfist::pschip::lum: 6.0
He had me on 5HP but ended up going low hand and throwing into my desperation TPoS, I guess I had managed to convince him I didn’t have it

:grave::pschip::psfist::lum: 4.0
I got him to 3 vs 58HP comeback win for @variable! Very very nicely done!

:grave::psfist::pschip::lum: 6.0
I win a few key combats early and managed to ride my life lead to the end

:grave::psfist::pschip::lum: 6.0
Similar to the game before but notably I play even slower after I get my lead, burning through a huge number of dodges. Lum does some lum things but can’t refuel without risking deckout and a loss. I manage to catch him with an ace when he finally breaks the blodge-dodge holding pattern

thehug0naut wins 18.0 - 8.0!

ggs friend, really enjoyed the match and look forward to the next one


Me vs. Arthur Wynne

:chibivendetta: :psfist::pschip: :chibigrave: 6
:chibivendetta: :pschip::psfist: :chibiargagarg: 5
:chibivendetta: :psfist::pschip: :chibiargagarg: 5
:chibivendetta: :psfist::pschip: :chibiargagarg: 5
:chibivendetta: :psfist::pschip: :chibijaina: 4


I’m always happy to see Arg when playing Vendetta! For one it’s one of the most fun matches in the game imo. For two I win it a LOT.


I have to agree, on both points.

I got totally rolled this game. I felt like you were in my head and I never really got into yours. Maybe I should have tried a different counterpick, but you were playing better than me so I’m not sure how much it would have helped.

I had hopes of clawing my way back into the top 10 by the end of this tournament, but you’ve put paid to that. My revenge will be forthcoming.