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[Tournament] Lum's Long Odds - Ongoing!


So, I didn’t get a notification this week. I assume Round 6 was delayed due to the previous delay and Christmas?




Standings after Week 5

  1. Leontes: 82
  2. CKR: 79.5
  3. mastrblastr: 76.5
  4. thehug0naut: 73
  5. Southpaw Hare: 71.5
  6. MR: 71
  7. Niijima-San: 70.5
  8. Ivan: 70.5
  9. Castanietzsche: 69.5
  10. snoc: 63.5
  11. flagrantangles: 63.5
  12. MysticDeadman: 63
  13. variable: 62.5
  14. vengefulpickle: 58
  15. FaceOnMars: 57.5
  16. GutterOwl: 54.5
  17. ArthurWynne: 48.5
  18. UTRALAW: 48.5
  19. Hamvvar: 43.5
  20. neigutten: 41.5
  21. Fusxfaranto: 41.5
  22. mysticjuicer: 41.5
  23. Hobusu: 40.5
  24. Three Headed Monkey: 32.5

Week 6 Matchups

Hobusu/Three Headed Monkey

Week 1 Matchups

mastrblastr/Three Headed Monkey

Week 2 Matchups

Southpaw Hare/mysticjuicer

Week 3 Matchups

Three Headed Monkey/UTRALAW

Week 4 Matchups

Southpaw Hare/neigutten
Three Headed Monkey/Hamvvar

Week 5 Matchups


Week 6 Totals

  1. ThreeHeadedMonkey: 26 (W)
  2. Leontes: 25 (W)
  3. Ivan: 21.5 (W)
  4. variable: 20 (W)
  5. ArthurWynne: 18.5 (W)
  6. flagrantangles: 17 (F)
  7. neigutten: 17 (F)
  8. Fusxfaranto: 15.5 (W)
  9. snoc: 14.5 (W)
  10. SouthpawHare: 14 (W)
  11. thehug0naut: 12 (T)
  12. MR75: 12 (T)
  13. FaceOnMars: 12 (T)
  14. GutterOwl: 12 (T)
  15. mysticjuicer: 11
  16. mastrblastr: 10
  17. Castanietzsche: 10
  18. UTRALAW: 6
  19. vengefulpickle: 5
  20. Hobusu: 0
  21. Niijima-san: 0
  22. CKR: 0
  23. MysticDeadman: 0
  24. hamvvar: 0

Running Standings

  1. Leontes: 107
  2. Ivan: 92
  3. mastrblastr: 86.5
  4. Southpaw Hare: 85.5
  5. thehug0naut: 85
  6. MR: 83
  7. variable: 82.5
  8. flagrantangles: 80.5
  9. CKR: 79.5
  10. Castanietzsche: 79.5
  11. snoc: 78
  12. Niijima-San: 70.5
  13. FaceOnMars: 69.5
  14. ArthurWynne: 67
  15. GutterOwl: 66.5
  16. MysticDeadman: 63
  17. vengefulpickle: 63
  18. neigutten: 58.5
  19. Three Headed Monkey: 58.5
  20. Fusxfaranto: 57
  21. UTRALAW: 54.5
  22. mysticjuicer: 52.5
  23. Hamvvar: 43.5
  24. Hobusu: 40.5


I did a full analysis only to realize all my calculations completely cut out week 4s results, so I’m going to take a break and then try again.


Fusxfaranto vs mysticjuicer

:gwen: :pschip: :psfist: :menelker: (6)
:menelker: :pschip: :psfist: :menelker: (5)
:grave: :psfist: :pschip: :menelker: (5)
:grave: :psfist: :pschip: :onimaru: (5)
:grave: :psfist: :pschip: :troq: (5.5)

Fusxfaranto total: 15.5
mysticjuicer total: 11

GGs, this was a wild set.


In this post I will take a running analysis of the characters in this tournament. I will update it as the weeks pass. At the end I will also include an analysis of significant matchups but not enough games have been played for that yet.

And thanks you to anyone who reported their matches with just the individual points played per game next to each game instead of running tallies or post game sum-ups; that makes this much easier!

Character Analysis

Points won/lost

:chibiargagarg: 25/16.5
Rating: 1.52
Arg sees his biggest surge of play this week since the tournament started. Still not that much though.

:chibibbb: 32.5/17.5
Rating: 1.86
BBB pokes his head in only once to have it knocked clean off.

:chibidegrey: 86/83.5
Rating: 1.03
Degrey sliding steadily toward equilibrium, validating his matchup charts.

:chibigeiger: 5.5/10.5
Rating: .52
Not selected at all week 3, 4, or 5. People forgot he is a selectable character.

:chibigloria: 74/69.5
Rating: 1.06
Gloria stops climbing this week and takes a small rest.

:chibigrave: 78/73
Rating: 1.07
Grave remains just about even. Truly the standard bearer.

:chibigwen: 61/48.5
Rating: 1.26
As is her character, Gwen makes huge moves this week, flopping from losing to winning. She actually is only one game up when it comes to wins/losses, but has a pretty good point margin.

:chibijaina: 97.5/91
Rating: 1.07
Jaina actually has a losing record in this tournament, but still maintains positive point return. Exactly the sort of thing this format is leveraging!

:chibilum: 33/39.5
Rating: .83
Not used at all week 5.

:chibimenelker: 158.5/148
Rating: 1.07
Menelker yet another character with a losing record but with a positive point spread. Nice character picking ladies and gentlemen!

:chibimidori: 107/79.5
Rating: 1.35
Midori holding strong for the week.

:chibionimaru: 59.5/37.5
Rating: 1.59
Onimaru saw a lot of wins this week, finally putting him in positive territory.

:chibipersephone: 110.5/153
Rating: .72
Persephone goes even further down the rabbit hole.

:chibiquince: 115/89
Rating: 1.29
Comes away with exactly the same rating as he had last week, despite getting a lot of play.

:chibirook: 48/81.5
Rating: .59
A slight reprieve from the beating he has been taking, but still by no means looking pretty.

:chibisetsuki: 40.5/116.5
Rating: .35
Not picked at all week 5. Seems like people finally got the memo.

:chibitroq: 20/14
Rating: 1.43
Troq doing fine. Troq happy to rest while little people get played. Troq eat grass and watch. Troq not get played this week or last week.

:chibivalerie: 33.5/65
Rating: .52
Valerie looking pretty grim these days.

:chibivendetta: 77/35
Rating: 2.2
Vendetta makes gains this week upon his already stellar record, giving him the temporary honor of top spot on the ratings.

:chibizane: 30.5/30.5
Rating: 1
Zane not selected at all week 5, remains precisely even.

This is my analysis so far. Keep fighting!


@ThreeHeadedMonkey vs @Hobusu

:grave: :psfist::pschip: :degrey: 5.5
:grave: :psfist::pschip: :onimaru: 5.0
:grave: :psfist::pschip: :onimaru: 5.0
:grave: :psfist::pschip: :onimaru: 5.0
:grave: :psfist::pschip: :degrey: 5.5

@ThreeHeadedMonkey: 26
@Hobusu: 0

Hoo boy I would not blame @hubosu for being salty after that one. Lightning Traps, Jokers and TPoS, oh my! I was able to assemble and hit with TPoS once a game. Martial Mastery being instrumental in allowing me to avoid Jokers, and then hit confirming or dodging into TPoS. After this I feel like I should be playing Grave some more.

Despite the overall score the games themselves were very tense, with a few going down pretty close with just a few combats in it, or a hit-confirm into TPoS pulling my ass out of the fire. I got hit with some cheeky opening 10s Crushing through my blocks, putting me on the back foot.

I was also really lucky with my jokers, having them right when I needed them to avoid large damage.

GGs, @Hobusu. Best of luck for the rest of the tournament!


Arthur Wynne vs UTRALAW

:gwen: :psfist: :knockdown: :menelker: 4 - 0
:gwen: :psfist: :knockdown: :menelker: 4 - 0
:gwen: :psfist: :knockdown: :menelker: 4 - 0 Despite lots of excitement - Queen clashes, naked Dreadlands Portal, tense facedowns both real and false against giant combos - these first three matches all blur together in my mind. They were all tense and brutal, and they all showed why this is a 6-4 match-up: Gwen’s tools line up very, very well against Menelker. Relentless Strikes works excellently against him, while hand destruction doesn’t work much at all against her.
:gwen: :psfist: :knockdown: :onimaru: 6.5 - 0 Very tense and exciting finish, to the point that I think it qualifies as a comeback. I had a devil of a time playing around UTRALAW’s Final Authority while the clock was ticking down - but it only takes one giant combo!
:gwen: :knockdown: :psfist: :menelker: 0 - 6 No streak can last forever, this time I was on the receiving end of the giant combo - and some very good throw calls and duffs.

Total result, 18.5 - 6 and I win!

Good games UTRALAW, best of luck in the rest of the tournament!


looks literally one post above yours
is only slightly bitter


Ivan vs IamNobody
:lum::psfist::pschip::vendetta: - 5.5
:lum::psfist::pschip::jaina: - 8.5
:lum::psfist::pschip::jaina: - 11.5
:lum::psfist::pschip::jaina: - 14.5
:lum::psfist::pschip::psyduck: /he surrender in the beginning of the game, so i guess 3.0 is fair/ - 17.5
Thank you for the set, mate. I got a lot a luck with lucky panda and i guess IamNobody became a little discourage and that influence the rest of the games. GGS!


Actually the last game I selected DeGrey so Ivan gets 7 points for that.


Castanietzsche vs @snoc
10-14.5. @snoc wins !

:valerie::psfist::pschip::menelker: 5-0
:valerie::pschip::psfist::menelker: 5-5
:valerie::psfist::pschip::menelker: 10-5
:valerie::pschip::psfist::menelker: 10-10
:quince::pschip::psfist::menelker: 10-14.5


snoc vs @Castanietzsche
:menelker: :pschip::psfist: :valerie: oh no my waifu used against me. Strong start of 7*bJ followed by playing like an idiot. 0 - 0+5
:menelker: :psfist::pschip: :valerie: after a moment of computer glitchery, I’m back and ENRAGED. DSD landed. 0+5 - 5
:menelker: :pschip::psfist: :valerie: I have 1hp, Val has 39. I land K++K++J but it’s jokered :frowning: 5 - 5+5
:menelker: :psfist::pschip: :valerie: Just Menelker things… lots of black face cards 5 + 5 - 10
:menelker: :psfist::pschip: :quince: Jokered out of the vortex super early, then just bossed the neutral really. 10 + 4.5 - 10

snoc wins 14.5-10! Oh, I got beaten to the report. Thanks for playing!

No video again until my new RAM arrives. I suspect everything would have crashed much sooner had I attempted to get OBS running at the same time…


thehug0naut vs @MR75
:grave::pschip::psfist::gwen: 6.0 I keep expecting gwen to throw and eat a massive amount of damage
:grave::psfist::pschip::gwen: 4.0 I can’t remember this one other than blue bursting two huge combos in a row, which usually helps
:grave::pschip::psfist::gwen: 6.0 can’t remember this game much either, clearly #gwenblur is a thing
:grave::psfist::pschip::gwen: 4.0 I settle a comfortable range, take some wins and in the end I blodge his clock right down
:grave::psfist::pschip::gwen: 4.0 I continue sure and steady, ultimately winning with a comfortable 42HP

thehug0naut @mr75 wins We have a tie match at 12.0 - 12.0!

Tense and fun games my friend, well played!


Uh… That’s 6 games… Which one is the extra one?


I goofed - will fix it in a mo :sweat_smile:

Edit - now fixed above


hmm, not the right order…
You won the 2nd game (the two blue burst really made the difference! :sob: and I won the 3rd game.
But final results are the same

So another tie!!!

GGs mate!


Southpaw Hare vs @mastrblastr

:rook: :psfist::pschip: :gwen: = 4.5
:rook: :pschip::psfist: :bbb: = 4.5
:bbb: :psfist::pschip: :bbb: = 5.0
:bbb: :psfist::pschip: :argagarg: = 4.5
:bbb: :pschip::psfist: :valerie: = 5.5

Southpaw Hare 14.0 - 10.0 mastrblastr
Southpaw Hare wins!

I deliberately counter-picked my way into a BBB Mirror Match. It worked pretty well. I am told that I am a monster for doing this.


specifically I said you were history’s greatest monster. Great match though! Also @Niijima-san come on you can’t let yourself get so upset as to just forfeit a match. Obviously its usually fine but we even all talked about how bad and not right it is to do in this format. Also, like, cmon you picked a 3-7 MU and then rage quit because you lost in it? Doesn’t seem fair to the rest of us for you to throw the maximum amount of points in the final game. You’re better than that :heart:


Round 6: @vengefulpickle vs. variable

:persephone::pschip::psfist::chibiquince:: (0 points - 5 points) I don’t know what I was trying to do this game. I should have been a bit more aggressive in the midgame/early endgame, but I was being passive & dodging, I think! :o My plan at one point was to go for the time-out, but it didn’t come to that!

:chibipersephone::psfist::pschip::quince:: (5 points - 0 points) I made rash & unwise decisions and got myself Commanded, which doesn’t end well - usually - and this time wasn’t dramatically different! :scream_cat:

:persephone::pschip::psfist::chibiquince:: (0 points - 5 points) A hand of K, 7, K from Quince - one of which may be spun - is pretty good against a hand of Persephone’s that contains no throws! However, a K gets drawn by Perse next turn, which complicated things… :o

:persephone::pschip::psfist::chibiquince:: (0 points - 5 points) Quince got a few lucky breaks this game due to the laws that he forced to be passed, in part. :codexquince:

:persephone::pschip::psfist::chibiquince:: (0 points - 5 points) I wish that I had ended this game sooner, but I didn’t believe in the 2 dodge that came. I had a few other opportunities to throw dodges from Perse, but I was overly playing around Mistress’s Command and didn’t want to look that foolish again. However, I DID look a different kind of foolish when I didn’t dodge during a Patriot Mirror turn & got put On My Knees, though…! :EEKITTY!: Anyway, with 7 cards & 43 life for :persephone: & 5 cards & 54 life for :quince:, how did either of us manage to win this game?! There’s a mystery in this yomise~

Point-Accumulating Tech (It’s even easier when it’s a 5-5 matchup!)

vengefulpickle: 5
variable: 20

Thanks for playing, vengefulpickle! This can be a volatile matchup, but it didn’t get too wild this time. I hope to run into ye Persephone in the future~

Also, I will always take a break so that a parent can tend to their child, so don’t feel bad about that! And thanks for being an awesome TO! :smiley_cat: