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[Tournament] IYL6 SIGNUP/HYPE THREAD - Starts March 3rd! - Signups close Thursday 3/1


I will play. I prefer to play any time on Sundays, 6pm-midnight PST on Mondays and Tuesdays, maybe also any time on Saturdays.


The mi-go(d) hunter, too? :o

Glad to have ye back!! :smiley_cat::codexquince:


Please remember to post your preferred time of playing, if you haven’t done so already.


It’s a bit difficult for me to say, I can be very flexible unless I have some prior commitment, which will naturally vary from week to week.

But I am at CET (GMT +1 until DST starts on March 25., then GMT +2) and generally free to play between 14.00 GMT and 21.00 GMT on weekdays, and between 10.00 and and 23.00 on weekends.


I’m available 6pm-12pm Central (12am-6am UTC) on weekdays and generally free at any time during the weekends.


My prefered time is 8:30am UTC to 12:30pm UTC

I’ve also edited this into my original post in this thread.


It looks like I’m moving soon so not really sure what my new schedule is going to look like. PST evenings I guess. It’s pretty much a shot in the dark at this point.


PST evenings work best for me as well though I am overall pretty flexible.


I’m going to be hard to schedule the first week (Family/friends coming down), but I want to play. So sign me up n stufz.

EST Evenings.


Ok I guess I’m in. I’m not sure exactly what my preferred time slot is but I’ll say… roughly 8pm-12am AES/DT+11.


Whut?!? It can be either GMT+11 or AES. AES+11 is just gmt-2, dude


Maybe I just write these differently to everyone else.
Don’t you write the time zone then the relative time to UTC?
So like JST+9? Or like EST-5? I feel like that’s the best way to write time zones, but I feel like it confuses everyone when I do.


Once you understand what that means it makes things easier by far, but to someone who hasn’t seen it written like that before it could look like you’re saying something like “take JST and then add 9 to it.” Which, based on how Legion responded, is pretty much exactly what happened… With the added complication of two time zones being listed under a single number in your sign-up post.


Well yeah I’m changing back to AEST soon but am currently on AEDT.


48 hours until signups close.


sign me in 10 chars
Fav gaming time goes from 15 pm to 22 pm GMT+1.


5 hours until signups close. We will finalize the format and divisions by either late tonight or tomorrow, and the League will kick off Saturday.


Hi I prefer using Discord or e-mail to schedule but will do it here if absolutely necessary. Timezone is GMT -5.


Signups are closed.


As for the format of the season, we are planning on having three divisions, each with thirteen players. The tentative seeding for the playoff bracket will be as follows:

Seeds 1-3: The 1-seeds from each of the three divisions, sorted first by match record, and then game win PCT. **
Seeds 4-6: The 2-seeds “…” ***
Seeds 7-9: The 3-seeds “…” **
Seeds 10-12: The 4-seeds and 5-seeds will participate in a best-of-5 play-in match. The seeds will be predetermined by the 4-seed’s match record and game win PCT. **

** The next tiebreak will be determined by RNG.
*** Since this tiebreak actually matters (only for the overall 4-seed), there will be a Bo5 match(es) between the tied competitors.

As previously alluded to, the three 1-seeds as well as the highest 2-seed will be receiving a round 1 bye in our playoff bracket. The rest of the bracket will be a standard twelve-man single elimination bracket.

The actual divisions will be released soon!

EDIT: Great I love that * defaults to bullet point

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