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[Tournament] IYL6 Morningstar Sanctuary - Match Reports and Results


Three Headed Monkey vs @Bomber678

:zane: :psfist::pschip: :onimaru:
:zane: :psfist::pschip: :onimaru:
:zane: :psfist::pschip: :grave:

These were some very back and forth games! Good fun and hella tense. Especially that second game. @Bomber678 had some rotten luck seeing only one Joker in the set. I had several but @Bomber678 played around them well in the last game. Unfortunately that still means no damage and surviving those rounds helped me take the set.

GGs and goodl luck!


One joker all set.
I have bad execution.


Better execution than zero jokers all set.


Y’all need to git gud, smdh.




Fivec 3-1 @UTRALAW

All Sets-Troq.

Ggs. Only person to play Troq against me the entire league :thinking:


And that’s a wrap for Morningstar Sanctuary.

Congratulations to @Copper8642, @Bomber678, and @Fivec for making playoffs. The play-in match will be between @migohunter and @sharpobject.