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[Tournament] IYL6 Morningstar Sanctuary - Match Reports and Results


Me vs Desiderata

I win 3-0

Quince > Midori x3

Flagstone voters have spoken so I built a wall around Midori and made him pay for it.


GGs indeed. Great runbacks against DeGrey. I feel I made some bad decisions at the end of those games but you played really well.


UTRALAW 3-1 Lowtierhero
:troq: :psfist: :pschip: :geiger:
:troq: :psfist: :pschip: :geiger:
:troq: :pschip: :psfist: :geiger: <- I drew the nuts in this game
:troq: :psfist: :pschip: :geiger:


@ClanNatioy has dropped from the League.



I win 3-0

Argagarg > Menelker
Argagarg > Midori
Argagarg > Troq


Fivec is so good he’s 2-0 without touching the stick. What a legend.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Play-in matches have a new twist. They will now be best-of-7, but the 4-seed will start with a 1-game advantage over the 5-seed (and thus will only have to win three games to win the set). This is done so that there is some incentive to finishing 4th over 5th.

-body is too similar to what I recently posted, this forum software is still garbage-


Neither of Fivec’s played matches are reported on the forums (even though they are reflected in the results of the bracket) but that also means that they are NOT on @mysticjuicer or vengefulpickle’s data.


@Fivec hit me up with that mmmmm data?


@sharpobject, @Copper8642, or @Fivec, please report the match results for these matches: fivec/copper8642 and fivec/sharpobject. It is important to have reliable data. Thanks.


Fivec 3-2 Copper, all Setsuki/Menelker

Fivec 0-3 sharpo, all Setsuki/Gloria


CopperNumbers 3-1 Lowtierhero
:menelker: :psfist: :pschip: :geiger:
:menelker: :psfist: :pschip: :vendetta:
:menelker: :pschip: :psfist: :vendetta:
:menelker: :psfist: :pschip: :vendetta:


Good games lth! My draws were actually dumb; pretty consistently I would verbally complain that I lacked a certain card and then just draw it. Super silly.



Copper versus Niijima-San

I don’t even know what to say. I’m clearly playing on a high level and all should appreciate my genius. Like just watch this VOD:


Throw another “biggest upsets of all time” from Niijima-San on the pile. I now have 4 of the top 5 I believe.



Get silent DSD’d like an absolute scrub.


ThreeHeadedMonkey advances over Zqxx by TO decision.


Bomber678 3-1 Fivec

:rook::pschip::pscrash::setsuki: I’m a Rook main, but I’m not very good.
:grave::pscrash::pschip::setsuki: Take a bit of a beating, but I finally draw some queens near end game and get him.
:grave::pscrash::pschip::setsuki: Didn’t draw any queens at all, but pretended I did.
:grave::pscrash::pschip::setsuki: Two queens in opening hand and stick him with the Shin Shoryuken.

GGs Fivec, I didn’t think I was gonna get ya. I thought my Grave would be too rusty.



We’ve had some dropouts in this league, so in order to keep the playoff seeding fair, we’re changing the mechanics slightly. As before, seeds 1-3 will be the top player from each league, 4-6 will be the second players, and so on. Within that group, however, players will be ordered by their match win percentage in played matches, to normalize for the fact that different players may have played different actual number of non-forfeit matches.


Zqxx has dropped from the League.