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[Tournament] IYL6 Dreadlands - Match Reports and Results


ArthurWynne vs jamie-chan

:grave::knockdown::psfist::grave: I had TPoS for most of the game but I was too chicken to play it raw. Close game, Jamie managed his resources better -especially his Queens!
:argagarg::psfist::knockdown::grave: Another close game, but I had better draws. Had all the resources I needed, when I needed them.
:argagarg::psfist::knockdown::rook: Another game with good draws. Didn’t get off any Bubble Shields, but Aggrogarg took the win.
:argagarg::psfist::knockdown::rook: This was nearly a perfect. I disrespected CMB for several turns but switched to attacks not a turn too late.

Final result: 3-1


IYL round 3
Legion vs @GutterOwl
i win 3-2
:menelker::pschip::psfist::onimaru: here i have a very hidded DSD, but play scared all the time and lose miserably
:argagarg::psfist::pschip::onimaru: keep playing scared, not listening to my gut, but still win thanks to the magic fish
:argagarg::psfist::pschip::persephone: here i start listening to my gut and got a clean win
:argagarg::pschip::psfist::persephone: here i start not listening to my instinct, AGAIN, and lose despite reads on the spot, cuz do not believe in myself.
:setsuki::psfist::pschip::persephone: Gold sets to the rescue PERFECTs the odds.

Respect and ggs, u have improved since the last time we fought.
Next time, tho, i will listen to my amazing sixth sense (i hope so, at least, i’m such an idiot :sob: )


IYL6, Dreadlands R2:
variable vs. @GutterOwl

GutterOwl wins, 3-2!

:codexquince::pscrash::pschip::onimaru:: Quince uses Quince-nanigans to bypass his strangely combative ally!
:quince::pschip::pscrash::chibipersephone:: Quince gets outplayed…
:quince::pschip::pscrash::chibipersephone:: …And can’t find the right answer at the right time in this Yomise, either! :scream_cat:
:codexonimaru::pscrash::pschip::persephone:: Quince’s last words: “Strangely combative ally, please solve this - somehow!”
:onimaru::pschip::pscrash::chibipersephone:: “That’s not enough!” -Quince-like Mirror Image #55

I didn’t respect the range that GutterOwl was playing in most of these! And I wasn’t adapting to her play enough, while she adapted to mine and punished me many times for my foolishness! I only had a chance to win game four because of the ridiculous luck of drawing a Joker on a Mistress’s Command turn. (That probably sounds very non-useful, but I wouldn’t have won without it given my other plays!) The standout play of game five to me was a BOLD 7 throw with extra flavor by GutterOwl on her wakeup! :o I wasn’t expecting that!

Great stuffs to GutterOwl & best of luck in the rest of IYL6! :smiley_cat:


Arthur Wynne vs MysticDeadman

MD requested that I pick Perse, and I thought why not? (Actually, it was just a hilarious coincidence… but never mind that.) I couldn’t oblige him on playing a mono-block range though…

:persephone: :psfist::knockdown::gwen:

:persephone: :psfist::knockdown::gwen:

:persephone: :psfist::knockdown::gwen:

I win 3-0, but the result conceals how much of a nailbiter each of these games was. They all came down to the wire, and if I’d had fewer Jokers or MD had had more Qs, the whole set might have gone very differently.


@snoc vs @Ivan

:setsuki: :psfist::pschip: :degrey: had me scared when 4 card DeGrey randomly had a second ace to play off P/CP
:setsuki: :pschip::psfist: :grave: took me until I was at about 15 hp before I won a combat
:setsuki: :psfist::pschip: :grave: long think about this pick, lots of TPoS disrespect
:setsuki: :psfist::pschip: :midori: drawing all your Qs is good it turns out

GGs! Will upload video later.



Just a tiebreaker question for @cpat: Why is @MR75 not ahead of @SouthpawHare and @variable when their match records are equal and he has the higher win percentage?

Similarly, why is @GutterOwl not ahead of @Ivan?


The first tiebreaker is head-to-head (which is the equivalent to number of wins against tied opponents) and the second is Game WPCT. It looks a little funky given the bracket is largely incomplete, but the H2H metric is the first tiebreaker and that’s why the standings appear in this order.


Right. I knew that H2H is the first tiebreaker, but I thought it didn’t apply since none of these players are listed in each other’s “relevant H2H wins”. Thank you for clearing that up!


Fucking plumlum.
zytearK vs jamie-chan
Arg v Grave - Arg wins
Arg v Rook - Arg wins
Arg v Rook - Rook wins
BBB v Rook - Rook wins
BBB v Rook - Rook wins
How the fuck to people claim that MU is BBB favored. I’m so mad.
Good games dudester!!! IRL Yomi is fun as heck.


Oh it definitely is, but a lot of really advantaged MUs in yomi require a certain playstyle to make them as bad as possible. So imo they should always come with the caveat “if the CPing player knows how to play it”.

I’m guessing you kept trying to go to range and Rook had a lot of J,Q,K in hand. Then at range Rook had 5 and you played Q into it? I’ve done that before :joy:


… Wow, I just got CALLED TF OUT.

And yes. -.- How dare you? Go watch Copper’s mobile stream of it if you want to hear me regret life choices. :smiley:


Haha it happens to us all dude, Rook has to hope he draws all his face cards early on in that match and then hope that BBB doesn’t play single A into them to make him cry.

I think it was @Niijima-San that completely boshed me in the MU without me winning a single reveal apart from the one that took me to range. Was ages ago when I was quite new and thought that it was an insta-win for BBB


For you it was the game that changed your outlook on the matchup. For me it was Tuesday.


Being right every combat is an unbeatable strategy.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Play-in matches have a new twist. They will now be best-of-7, but the 4-seed will start with a 1-game advantage over the 5-seed (and thus will only have to win three games to win the set). This is done so that there is some incentive to finishing 4th over 5th.


“Block wins”



MR vs @snoc 3-1

guessed right almost all combats

Here he got a very aggressive start (1st turn 28dmg), but then luckily he forgot about my two As PU and didn’t FD vs my 2 -->TPoS

Ninja time… I hit only turn 1 and 2, then gotta thrown again and again and outspeed again and again (even my desperation TPoS “hit” his Q)

So rushdown time. Here I landed a good 35dmg combo (half sets’ life) and luckily only one Qs on Sets side (that clashed with mine).

Respect and GGs!


I even had the joker here! Was still tilted after losing super hard the first game.


IYL Round 4

Legion vs @Attilian
I win 3-1

:menelker::psfist::pschip::lum: Here i get almost no throws the entire game, idk if attialian sniffed it, but skillfully took advantage of it until i am down to 10, he is around 60. Then i would have lost due to PF if a 5 into joker did not save my skin. After that banish joker and A and a crazy comeback. Good luck balances bad luck after all.
:menelker::pschip::psfist::lum: Here i was tilted due to last game, and got steamrolled, plus i was too shy of pu bQ play bQ, attilian disrespected it and i lost.
:degrey::psfist::pschip::lum: Time for hard CP, Degray into the fray, with a good hand i return the steamrolling
:degrey::psfist::pschip::degrey: Super silly mirror, where we did many times the same thing (mirror like) or with a turn of delay. Not scared of poking and throwing, i manage to deafeat a too much turtly attilian.

Respect and ggs. Always a pleasure fighting you. Good luck in the rest of the league.