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[Tournament] Codex Asynchronous Winter Swiss - Round 8


Round 5 Pairings

CAWS 2016: zhavier ([Necro]/Blood/Truth) vs. petE ([Anarchy]/Strength/Growth)
CAWS 2016: Jadiel (Mono Black) vs. Castanietzsche ([Bashing]/Balance/Growth)
CAWS 2016: Alhazard ([Demon]/Necro/Finesse) vs. shax (Mono Red)
CAWS 2016: PiHalbe (Mono Black) vs. Eijolend (Mono Green)
CAWS 2016: Zejety ([Discipline]/Strength/Finesse) vs. Legion ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy)
CAWS 2016: EricF ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy) vs. Mooseknuckles ([Growth]/Necro/Strength)

Feature Match

CAWS 2016: FrozenStorm ([Blood]/Strength/Growth) vs. PointyFinger (Mono Black)


zhavier (4-0)
petE (4-0)
Castanietzsche (4-0)
Jadiel (3-1)
shax (3-1)
PiHalbe (2-2)
FrozenStorm (2-2)
PointyFinger (2-2)
Legion (2-2)
Zejety (2-2)
Mooseknuckles (2-2)
EricF (2-2)
Eijolend (2-2)
Alhazard (2-2)

neigutten (1-3)
ARMed-Pirate (1-3)
cstick (1-3)
Barrelfish (0-3)
robinz (0-3)


imo new decks MVP so far are:
@Castanietzsche 's [Bashing]/balance/growth and @FrozenStorm’s [Blood]/Strength/Growth
they seem rlly interesting, and made me want to play them!


Lol Casta has been on fire, me not so much :wink: Give this deck a try and see what you think, it’s a bit of a struggle early game for me!


yet i find the red starter the best for early pressure, and hasted units dinosized are rlly scary! (exp those damn gliders!!!)


Thanks for the heads-up. An MVP deck with Bashing makes me curious. Will check it out later!


i have a list of players (ever growing) that i follow cuz i learn a lot from them! @Castanietzsche is one of them, and so @FrozenStorm


Wow, and I’ve just noticed that he replaced Feral. I always thought of Bashing as the no-penalty Feral for multicoloring.
I suppose the kicker is Bashing Tech1s with Midori?


yes. also neutral starter loves midbandori. Tederf becomes a 1 gold for 2/3 D: older bro 3/3 for 2 gold.
A bloomed maxbandori (he grows flowers in the beard) is a flyier that can kill a tech build per turn, damn him!


From watching his games, yes. Midori is his go-to hero, buffing Tenderfoot and Older Brother, and then Iron Men later on. To me, it’s a study in why Midori was nerfed :stuck_out_tongue: I dread to think what it would be like if he was playing with pre-nerf Midori…


pre nerf midori was imo absurd in such deck. tf costs 0, OB 1, iron man 2, hounds 0 and so flagb.
midbandori also would +2/+2 instead of 1/1. couple that with peace and cadets, and start crying, imo


I actually really liked the look of @cstick’s deck (Demonology/Balance/Fire) - but I guess his results didn’t back it up too well…


It did really well in RACE. I think he had tough match-ups this tournament.


Thats the nature of Swiss, it can be unforgiving a bit.


@Alhazard don’t forget to start your Round 5 game. @PointyFinger your Round 5 game has started.


Need to start tonight. Been busy.


Round 6 Pairings

CAWS 2016: Castanietzsche ([Bashing]/Balance/Growth) vs. zhavier ([Necro]/Blood/Truth)
CAWS 2016: Eijolend (Mono Green) vs. shax (Mono Red)
CAWS 2016: Legion ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy) vs. FrozenStorm ([Blood]/Strength/Growth)
CAWS 2016: Alhazard ([Demon]/Necro/Finesse) vs. EricF ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy)

Feature Match

CAWS 2016: Jadiel (Mono Black) vs. petE ([Anarchy]/Strength/Growth)


petE (5-0)
zhavier (4-1)
Castanietzsche (4-1)
Jadiel (4-1)
shax (3-1)
FrozenStorm (3-2)
Legion (3-2)
EricF (3-2)
Eijolend (3-2)
Alhazard (2-2)

PiHalbe (2-3)
PointyFinger (2-3)
Zejety (2-3)
Mooseknuckles (2-3)
neigutten (1-3)
ARMed-Pirate (1-3)
cstick (1-3)
Barrelfish (0-3)
robinz (0-3)


my prediction about R6 winners: @Castanietzsche, @Shax, @FrozenStorm (how could you!! :’( ) @ericf , @Jadiel .
Prove me wrong you wimps! Especially @Legion! Go big or go home!


@Alhazard, @Jadiel don’t forget to start your Round 6 matches.


Sorry, work is really crazy for me atm. I’ll try and start my game on Sunday.


Due to the large number of players who had delays (ie, all games are stuck at turn 4 or earlier), Round 7 is being delayed 1 week.

Round 7 pairings will be made February 8. All unfinished Round 6 matches will be adjudicated before pairings are made.