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[Tournament] Codex Asynchronous Winter Swiss - Round 8


mdn1111 hasn’t responded or posted, so they are now officially dropped. Anyone paired against them has been given a BYE instead (and it does count as your normal tournament BYE).

@Mooseknuckles and @Shax haven’t started their Round 3 match yet - please message me before Wednesday with why that didn’t happen, or I’ll just call it an adjudicated loss.

I’ll post standings alongside the pairings starting in Round 4.


Round 4 Pairings

CAWS 2016: petE ([Anarchy]/Strength/Growth) vs. PiHalbe (Mono Black)
CAWS 2016: FrozenStorm ([Blood]/Strength/Growth) vs. Castanietzsche ([Bashing]/Balance/Growth)
CAWS 2016: shax (Mono Red) vs. PointyFinger (Mono Black)
CAWS 2016: Mooseknuckles ([Growth]/Necro/Strength) vs. Legion ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy)
CAWS 2016: neigutten ([Disease]/Law/Truth) vs. Zejety ([Discipline]/Strength/Finesse)
CAWS 2016: cstick ([Demon]/Balance/Fire) vs. EricF ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy)
CAWS 2016: Eijolend (Mono Green) vs. ARMed-Pirate ([Blood]/Demon/Strength)
Winner of Alhazard/Barrelfish was randomly assigned the BYE

Feature Match

CAWS 2016: zhavier ([Necro]/Blood/Truth) vs. Jadiel (Mono Black)


zhavier (3-0)
Jadiel (3-0)
petE (3-0)
PiHalbe (2-0)
Castanietzsche (2-0)
PointyFinger (2-1)
Legion (2-1)
shax (2-1)
FrozenStorm (1-1)
Mooseknuckles (1-1)
Zejety (1-2)
cstick (1-2)
ARMed-Pirate (1-2)
neigutten (1-2)
EricF (1-2)
Eijolend (1-2)
Alhazard (0-2)
Barrelfish (0-2)
robinz (0-3)


Preemptive reminder to @FrozenStorm @Shax and @neigutten to start your Round 4 games.


Round 5 Pairings

CAWS 2016: zhavier ([Necro]/Blood/Truth) vs. petE ([Anarchy]/Strength/Growth)
CAWS 2016: Jadiel (Mono Black) vs. Castanietzsche ([Bashing]/Balance/Growth)
CAWS 2016: Alhazard ([Demon]/Necro/Finesse) vs. shax (Mono Red)
CAWS 2016: PiHalbe (Mono Black) vs. Eijolend (Mono Green)
CAWS 2016: Zejety ([Discipline]/Strength/Finesse) vs. Legion ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy)
CAWS 2016: EricF ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy) vs. Mooseknuckles ([Growth]/Necro/Strength)

Feature Match

CAWS 2016: FrozenStorm ([Blood]/Strength/Growth) vs. PointyFinger (Mono Black)


zhavier (4-0)
petE (4-0)
Castanietzsche (4-0)
Jadiel (3-1)
shax (3-1)
PiHalbe (2-2)
FrozenStorm (2-2)
PointyFinger (2-2)
Legion (2-2)
Zejety (2-2)
Mooseknuckles (2-2)
EricF (2-2)
Eijolend (2-2)
Alhazard (2-2)

neigutten (1-3)
ARMed-Pirate (1-3)
cstick (1-3)
Barrelfish (0-3)
robinz (0-3)


imo new decks MVP so far are:
@Castanietzsche 's [Bashing]/balance/growth and @FrozenStorm’s [Blood]/Strength/Growth
they seem rlly interesting, and made me want to play them!


Lol Casta has been on fire, me not so much :wink: Give this deck a try and see what you think, it’s a bit of a struggle early game for me!


yet i find the red starter the best for early pressure, and hasted units dinosized are rlly scary! (exp those damn gliders!!!)


Thanks for the heads-up. An MVP deck with Bashing makes me curious. Will check it out later!


i have a list of players (ever growing) that i follow cuz i learn a lot from them! @Castanietzsche is one of them, and so @FrozenStorm


Wow, and I’ve just noticed that he replaced Feral. I always thought of Bashing as the no-penalty Feral for multicoloring.
I suppose the kicker is Bashing Tech1s with Midori?


yes. also neutral starter loves midbandori. Tederf becomes a 1 gold for 2/3 D: older bro 3/3 for 2 gold.
A bloomed maxbandori (he grows flowers in the beard) is a flyier that can kill a tech build per turn, damn him!


From watching his games, yes. Midori is his go-to hero, buffing Tenderfoot and Older Brother, and then Iron Men later on. To me, it’s a study in why Midori was nerfed :stuck_out_tongue: I dread to think what it would be like if he was playing with pre-nerf Midori…


pre nerf midori was imo absurd in such deck. tf costs 0, OB 1, iron man 2, hounds 0 and so flagb.
midbandori also would +2/+2 instead of 1/1. couple that with peace and cadets, and start crying, imo


I actually really liked the look of @cstick’s deck (Demonology/Balance/Fire) - but I guess his results didn’t back it up too well…


It did really well in RACE. I think he had tough match-ups this tournament.


Thats the nature of Swiss, it can be unforgiving a bit.


@Alhazard don’t forget to start your Round 5 game. @PointyFinger your Round 5 game has started.


Need to start tonight. Been busy.


Round 6 Pairings

CAWS 2016: Castanietzsche ([Bashing]/Balance/Growth) vs. zhavier ([Necro]/Blood/Truth)
CAWS 2016: Eijolend (Mono Green) vs. shax (Mono Red)
CAWS 2016: Legion ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy) vs. FrozenStorm ([Blood]/Strength/Growth)
CAWS 2016: Alhazard ([Demon]/Necro/Finesse) vs. EricF ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy)

Feature Match

CAWS 2016: Jadiel (Mono Black) vs. petE ([Anarchy]/Strength/Growth)


petE (5-0)
zhavier (4-1)
Castanietzsche (4-1)
Jadiel (4-1)
shax (3-1)
FrozenStorm (3-2)
Legion (3-2)
EricF (3-2)
Eijolend (3-2)
Alhazard (2-2)

PiHalbe (2-3)
PointyFinger (2-3)
Zejety (2-3)
Mooseknuckles (2-3)
neigutten (1-3)
ARMed-Pirate (1-3)
cstick (1-3)
Barrelfish (0-3)
robinz (0-3)


my prediction about R6 winners: @Castanietzsche, @Shax, @FrozenStorm (how could you!! :’( ) @ericf , @Jadiel .
Prove me wrong you wimps! Especially @Legion! Go big or go home!