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[Tournament] Codex Asynchronous Winter Swiss (CAWS) 2019

Thanks, man. See y’all at XCAPS.


Hey all! I screwed up and didn’t increment the round number in the spreadsheet, so the links I posted above earlier for R5 matches still said R4. I will go and edit any new threads that got created but if someone can double check me that everything’s working it’d be much appreciated!

Top three work for me and i dont think the fourth has been created yet :+1:

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We’re still waiting on the last R4 and R5 games but simply on principles of least rematches and general closeness in record, I can confidently post the next round here. GL HF all!

CAWS19 Round 6

  1. [CAWS19] Round6 bolyarich [Demon/Necro]/Finesse vs dwarddd [Past/Present]/Peace
  2. [CAWS19] Round6 FrozenStorm [Future]/Peace/Necromancy vs zhavier [Balance]/Growth/Finesse
  3. [CAWS19] Round6 Bomber678 Mono Red vs codexnewb [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth

How did I make it to round six with gooning

Probably has something to do with that bye

You knock out EricF you deserve your spot regardless of circumstances, WP so far Bomber!


The field is narrowing! @dwarddd will either be eliminated by the Round6 game vs Boly or have a bye this round, GL HF to our other remaining 4!

CAWS19 Round7

  1. [CAWS19] Round7 bolyarich [Demonology/Necromancy]/Finesse vs FrozenStorm [Future]/Peace/Necromancy
  2. [CAWS19] Round7 codexnewb [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth vs zhavier [Balance]/Growth/Finesse

Well done to @bolyarich to be undefeated after 7 rounds of play! That puts Boly on triple match point, and @codexnewb will have to win three straight to come back and claim victory! Will it be a miracle comeback, or utter domination? Let’s find out, GL HF to you both!

CAWS19 Round8

  1. [CAWS19] Round8 codexnewb [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth vs bolyarich [Demonology/Necromancy]/Finesse

and that’s all folks!

Congrats to @bolyarich on a perfect 8-0, and thanks to all for participating!


Vote: ban nightmare from tournaments

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It didn’t do so well in the car, not driver portion.

But yeah, black needs something nerfed. XCAPS2020: all black specs banned.


No mono black? Sadness

Poor Orpal :frowning: We did have a tournament where Demonology and Necromancy couldn’t be in the same deck. Garth ran rampant. Maybe we could also ban combining them with the Black starter or something.

Thanks for hosting, FrozenStorm!

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What about something smaller to start with, like adding the multi-colour cost in for it? Cos it is obviously a nice combo between decks but without the multi-colour penalty it stops people being able to get creative trying to counter it w/o immediately getting a disadvantage

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Final standings:

player rounds won lost byes
bolyarich 8 8 0 0
codexnewb 8 4 3 1
FrozenStorm 7 4 3 0
zhavier 7 4 3 0
dwarddd 6 3 3 0
Bomber678 6 2 3 1
EricF 5 2 3 0
CarpeGuitarrem 5 1 3 1
Akiata 4 1 3 0
charnel_mouse 4 1 3 0
Nopethebard 4 0 3 1

Shouldn’t frozen be ranked higher cuz none of his victories is a bye?

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Byes aren’t included in the win count, so I don’t think it matters. Unless the Swiss format would make your matches harder?


A bye theoretically makes it easier to last longer in the tournament then you otherwise would, so the loss that knocks you out might be against someone who is a more difficult opponent.


Yeah I believe a bye would place you lower in the rankings. You made it to a later round, but you also skipped one

I think that it depends on how you’re ranking players. If you’re ranking players by the number of rounds they last, then yes, a bye should place you lower on the rankings, because you lasted for more rounds than you played. If you rank by number of (non-bye) wins before elimination, like I do here, then a bye means your later matches would tend to be against relatively better opponents, so it should place you higher than players with the same number of wins, but less byes.

Both approaches have the same results if no one has more than one bye. I’ll re-sort the rankings, and add a column for rounds lasted, to show this.