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[Tournament] Codex Asynchronous Winter Swiss (CAWS) 2019

Thanks, man. See y’all at XCAPS.


Hey all! I screwed up and didn’t increment the round number in the spreadsheet, so the links I posted above earlier for R5 matches still said R4. I will go and edit any new threads that got created but if someone can double check me that everything’s working it’d be much appreciated!

Top three work for me and i dont think the fourth has been created yet :+1:

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We’re still waiting on the last R4 and R5 games but simply on principles of least rematches and general closeness in record, I can confidently post the next round here. GL HF all!

CAWS19 Round 6

  1. [CAWS19] Round6 bolyarich [Demon/Necro]/Finesse vs dwarddd [Past/Present]/Peace
  2. [CAWS19] Round6 FrozenStorm [Future]/Peace/Necromancy vs zhavier [Balance]/Growth/Finesse
  3. [CAWS19] Round6 Bomber678 Mono Red vs codexnewb [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth

How did I make it to round six with gooning

Probably has something to do with that bye

You knock out EricF you deserve your spot regardless of circumstances, WP so far Bomber!

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