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[Tournament] Codex Asynchronous suMmer Swiss (CAMS19)

Let’s be honest Legion, for 80% of us this isn’t a high skill tournament. There are the few big dogs, and the rest of us just flop around having fun.
And I sure have a lot of fun!


I flop especially.

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All right y’all, I have a minute and all decks have been submitted, so kicking things off a little early.

If you are still on the fence about joining, please feel free to do so! I can create pairings up through end of week 1 here, no problem.

Remember it is the responsibility of player 1 (the player listed first in the title) to post the thread that starts each match, and to please copy the exact spelling below for your thread title so the links work! If you have trouble with this let me or another judge (just @zhavier right now) know and we can assist you.

You can take a look at the tracker tab of the spreadsheet linked in the OP and also right here to follow along with results and stats, but just a quick summary on spec choices:

  • Bashing, Fire and Disease are the only unrepresented specs in this tourney, the other 17 are in play!
  • We have 4 green starters as our plurality starter, a first for forum tourneys afaik. Black, unsurprisingly, is second with 3 instances, and all 7 starters will be in play!
  • Finesse is our plurality spec in 7 of the 16 decks, showing its meteoric rise in meta prevalence as a strong early-game pressure splash. Growth and Strength are in 6 and 5, respectively, as other common choices
  • No one is running Purple/Peace, as it has fallen off as a big 3 choice in recent tourneys.

GL HF all!

CAMS19 Round 1

  1. [CAMS19] James :knockdown: [Truth/Peace]/Finesse vs hardy83 :medal_sports: [Balance/Feral/Growth]
  2. [CAMS19] Nopethebard :knockdown: [Discipline/Strength]/Finesse vs zhavier :medal_sports: [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth
  3. [CAMS19] CarpeGuitarrem :knockdown: [Necromancy]/Blood/Finesse vs Bomber678 :medal_sports: [Finesse]/Peace/Truth
  4. [CAMS19] bansa :medal_sports: [Law/Peace]/Finesse vs bolyarich :knockdown: [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth
  5. [CAMS19] charnel_mouse :knockdown: [Balance]/Blood/Strength vs Nekoatl :medal_sports: [Necromancy]/Blood/Growth
  6. [CAMS19] EricF :medal_sports: [Anarchy/Blood]/Demonology vs FrozenStorm :knockdown: [Past/Future]/Finesse
  7. [CAMS19] codexnewb :medal_sports: [Demonology/Necromancy]/Finesse vs Persephone :knockdown: [Balance/Feral/Growth]
  8. [CAMS19] Unity [Balance/Growth]/Present vs Hobusu [Discipline/Ninjutsu/Strength] Cancelled as Hobusu had to drop, replaced with: [CAMS19] Unity :knockdown: [Balance/Growth]/Present vs Legion :medal_sports: [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth

Wow, this is a pretty big tournament. How exciting!


Friendly reminder to @James and @EricF to start their matches :slight_smile: Thank you to everyone else for getting things going promptly and getting your thread titles correct!

@FrozenStorm I think I should probably drop out of this tournament too, sadly… I don’t feel like I’d have time and energy to think my moves over as carefully as I should for a tournament, not to mention that there’s a good chance I’d only be able to take one turn per day at most.

One move per day is the expected pace of play, so don’t let that stop you.


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, like “wait, if we’re supposed to be going more than one turn a day…uh oh”. I can get wanting to take the time and energy to carefully think over moves, but honestly I do tournaments to get as much Codex play as possible.

Indeed, just in case anyone’s expectations are unclear: games typically end around turn 7 or 8, so a pace of play of roughly one turn per day is the expectation to finish games on time.

@Hobusu if you still feel participating will be undue burden during an otherwise busy time personally, I will of course remove you from further matchmaking. But don’t be at all ashamed if you want to continue at a slower pace of play, it won’t be a bother.


…well, I’ll get father for the second time in roughly two weeks, in 4 weeks i have the final exam and defensio of a master’s thesis. i’ll certainly try to show my best codex (which isn’t very good, obviously) and i certainly take a tournament in my favourite game serious and respect all the players! but i cannot guarantee my highest personal skill for every single turn or match

so, i don’t want to disrespect the game, the tournament and the people playing it, but life’s of course bigger than codex :slight_smile: who cares, if you can’t show your best game in this particular tournament? world class snooker or tennis players can’t perform in every tourney neither!

btw: i really like a tournament-format that’s still completely built on trust! everyone of us has the non-sanctionable possibility to peek at cards or manipulate the spreadsheet and still the format obviously works for quite some years. on the other hand, a really official tourney to find “THE best codex player worldwide” obviously would need a different format :grin: so that thought might also help, not to take this tourney too seriously :wink:


I guess I was a bit unclear, but my main worry was whether I’d even have the energy to take a turn every day… and considering I’m only now replying to all this, that should make the answer to that question clear, heh. I’m sticking with my intent to drop, simply because I don’t want to have more things to remember to do for a while. Hopefully everything will be normal again by the the next tournament!


no problem hobusu, best of luck with the move!

@Unity you will be given a bye unless @Legion wants to step into Hobusu’s spot


Can I choose my codex freely or must i take hobusu’s?


I’m fine with choosing whichever you like, though I would ask that you not intentionally “game the meta” by analyzing the field and selecting to specifically counter


I’m not that devious. I’ll pick the standard miracle growth [anarchy]/strenght/growth, since i never managed to play it in a previous tournament. My goal would be play more than 3 matches…


That sounds fine. @Unity you okay to start a new thread with the following link (or edit the title of your current thread?)

[CAMS19] Unity [Balance/Growth]/Present vs Legion [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth

Sure. I hope I can finish this now on time.

I already created the thread and pinged you, mate :wink:

i want to drop, haven’t so much attention for codex this time, thks for creating such a big tournament

Understood boly, thanks for signing up and hope to see you next time!