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[Tournament] CAWS20 - Codex Asynchronous Winter Swiss - Sign-up / tracker thread!

Indeed P2 is struggling.

Just waiting on one game and it’s the top of the bracket so not going to change MM for next round. With @Nekoatl sadly eliminated we won’t need a bye this round, GL HF everyone!

CAWS20 Round 4:

  1. [CAWS20] Round4: :knockdown: bansa [Finesse]/Blood/Fire vs :1st_place_medal: zhavier [Blood]/Feral/Strength
  2. [CAWS20] Round4: :knockdown: charnel_mouse [Demonology/Disease]/Discipline vs :1st_place_medal: Bomber678 [Finesse]/Anarchy/Strength
  3. [CAWS20] Round4: :knockdown: Unity [Present/Future]/Peace vs :1st_place_medal: FrozenStorm [Demonology/Necromancy]/Finesse
  4. [CAWS20] Round4: :1st_place_medal: CarpeGuitarrem MonoRed vs :knockdown: Steve44 [Necromancy/Disease]/Discipline
  5. [CAWS20] Round4: Nopethebard MonoRed vs hardy83 [Discipline]/Anarchy/Finesse

I thought I help out Frozenstorm and ping @CarpeGuitarrem and @Nopethebard. Friendly reminder that Round 4 has started and action is to you guys to start P1T1 :slight_smile:

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ahhhhhhhhhh I forgot to follow up on the notification for this thread.


Well folks, I’ve worked out Round5 scenarios. We’re waiting on Carpe vs Steve to have definitive matchups (since Carpe losing would mean an elimination and forced BYE for next round)

So games 1 and 2 on this list can go ahead and start, games 3 (and maybe 4) on hold until that conclusion!

CAWS20 Round5

  1. [CAWS20] Round5: :1st_place_medal: Bomber678 [Finesse]/Anarchy/Strength vs :knockdown: FrozenStorm [Demonology/Necromancy]/Finesse
  2. [CAWS20] Round5: :knockdown: :skull_and_crossbones: Steve44 [Necromancy/Disease]/Discipline vs :1st_place_medal: bansa [Finesse]/Blood/Fire
  3. [CAWS20] Round5: :1st_place_medal: zhavier [Blood]/Feral/Strength vs :knockdown: :skull_and_crossbones: charnel_mouse [Demonology/Disease]/Discipline
  4. [CAWS20] Round5: :1st_place_medal: CarpeGuitarrem MonoRed vs :knockdown: :skull_and_crossbones: hardy83 [Discipline]/Anarchy/Finesse

Edited the above to reflect Carpe’s win, everyone go ahead to start your games!


We’re down to 5 players now, I drew the bye as the only way to avoid rematches, GL HF to the rest of y’all!

CAWS20 Round 6

  1. [CAWS20] Round6: :1st_place_medal: bansa [Finesse]/Blood/Fire vs :knockdown: Bomber678 [Finesse]/Anarchy/Strength
  2. [CAWS20] Round6: :1st_place_medal: zhavier [Blood]/Feral/Strength vs :knockdown: :skull_and_crossbones: CarpeGuitarrem MonoRed
  3. FrozenStorm (bye)

R1 5-1
R2 5-0
R3 3-2
R4 1-3
R5 3-1

P1 17-7 P2 about 7:3 ratio so far

We’ve had a lot of aggressive decks this tournament.

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Yeah red, finesse, and black related decks are all indexed towards going first and playing early pressure

GG WP to @CarpeGuitarrem, who has been eliminated and left us with our final 4! We have bansa and Zhav on extra P1 slots and bansa and me the only matchup yet to occur. This definitely isn’t Semi-finals as we will have at least 3 players next round. GL HF everyone!

CAWS20 Round 7

  1. [CAWS20] Round7: :1st_place_medal: Bomber678 [Finesse]/Anarchy/Strength vs :knockdown: zhavier [Blood]/Feral/Strength
  2. [CAWS20] Round7: :knockdown: :skull_and_crossbones: FrozenStorm [Demonology/Necromancy]/Finesse vs :1st_place_medal: bansa [Finesse]/Blood/Fire
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I have a request: I like it ever so much when the matches in this thread get edited with the winner after they are over, so I can briefly look back over the thread and see how each round went.


Request is noted and not a huge ask, I am busy this afternoon and tourney tracker is always available for summary matchup / field performance data, but if I have time tonight / tomorrow I will try to go back and edit in results in the round postings (where possible, I know once things get a couple months old I’m no longer able to edit)


I was gonna ask the same thing but didn’t want to give FrozenStorm more work. It also helps greatly when you look back history and collect data.

Oh I didn’t even know about this document! This is lovely

Not looking forward to my next match here. It’s gonna be ugly. Hate going against Rook. :face_vomiting:

You’ve got a lot of rooks to get through it you want to be champ

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Is what I’m saying… Certainly did not build around it. Although I don’t know if you can even. Garth maybe. Still can’t quite be pre-emptive.

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Orpal would be the other option, but it’s a lot more finicky.

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@Bomber678 I couldn’t edit round 1 or 2, but the rest have been annotated with wins / losses and eliminations.

@zhavier drew the bye between him and Bomber, so we are flipping this rematch between Bomber and Bansa for round 8. Still not semifinals; y’all gotta give yourselves losses it seems! GL HF to you both all the same!

CAWS20 Round 8

  1. [CAWS20] Round8: :medal_sports: Bomber678 [Finesse]/Anarchy/Strength vs :knockdown: bansa [Finesse]/Blood/Fire

Okay y’all, it’s semifinals! Bomber has the bye and will require 2 defeats to top, loser here goes out in 3rd place. This is a rematch and bansa had P1 last time, but per the matchup rules, we will have bansa P1 again since zhav has more P1 assignments (4-3 to bansa’s 3-4):

GL HF you two!


  1. [CAWS20] Round9: bansa :medal_sports: [Finesse]/Blood/Fire vs zhavier :knockdown: :skull_and_crossbones: :3rd_place_medal: [Blood]/Feral/Strength