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[Tournament] CAWS20 - Codex Asynchronous Winter Swiss - Sign-up / tracker thread!

Stepping out of comfort zone and testing hypothesis. [Finesse]/Blood/Fire

Time to play top tier.

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Before I post matchups, just want to confirm I have the field of decks correct here: 30 minutes for anyone to check if they are missing or something is wrong!

Bomber678 [Finesse]/Anarchy/Strength
Steve44 [Necromancy/Disease]/Discipline
bansa [Finesse]/Blood/Fire
Nopethebard MonoRed
Unity [Present/Future]/Peace
CarpeGuitarrem MonoRed
Nekoatl [Demonology/Disease]/Truth
zhavier [Blood]/Feral/Strength
FrozenStorm [Demonology/Necromancy]/Finesse
hardy83 [Discipline]/Anarchy/Finesse
charnel_mouse [Demonology/Disease]/Discipline
EricF [Demonology/Necromancy]/Bashing

Welcome everyone to our winter tourney! Glad to see a good 12-player field here :slight_smile:

Here are our round one matchups, reminder that if you are listed first in these pairings you are expected to start a thread w/ a title containing the exact text below (so I will be starting a thread for my game w/ hardy with the text [CAWS20] Round1: FrozenStorm [Demonology/Necromancy]/Finesse vs hardy83 [Discipline]/Anarchy/Finesse

GL HF everyone!

CAWS20 Round1

  1. [CAWS20] Round1: Bomber678 [Finesse]/Anarchy/Strength vs Steve44 [Necromancy/Disease]/Discipline
  2. [CAWS20] Round1: bansa [Finesse]/Blood/Fire vs Nopethebard MonoRed
  3. [CAWS20] Round1: Unity [Present/Future]/Peace vs CarpeGuitarrem MonoRed
  4. [CAWS20] Round1: Nekoatl [Demonology/Disease]/Truth vs zhavier [Blood]/Feral/Strength
  5. [CAWS20] Round1: FrozenStorm [Demonology/Necromancy]/Finesse vs hardy83 [Discipline]/Anarchy/Finesse
  6. [CAWS20] Round1: charnel_mouse [Demonology/Disease]/Discipline vs EricF [Demonology/Necromancy]/Bashing

Typical, you wait ages for a Black deck and five show up at once.

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I’m a little bummed no one is running Miracle Grow for “control” to measure the new decks.

How will we know if new things are strong if they aren’t dethroning the strongest things right? Winter and Summer are the tryhard tourneys IMO :wink:

Anyways hope everything is going smoothly for everyone, lmk if anyone needs help / judgements / has questions

Sorry pal, I’m not good at miracle grow, and honestly I hate growth.

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With 4/6 games finished I am going to wait one more day to see if one of the games remaining can finish up

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Okay, with Bansa and Nope’s progress I feel good about these matchups being as fair as can be.

@EricF and @charnel_mouse still yet to finish so y’all will have to juggle two games, please try to keep things moving!

On to round 2, gl hf all (except @zhavier of course XD)!

CAWS20 Round2

  1. [CAWS20] Round2: Bomber678 [Finesse]/Anarchy/Strength vs Unity [Present/Future]/Peace
  2. [CAWS20] Round2: zhavier [Blood]/Feral/Strength vs FrozenStorm [Demonology/Necromancy]/Finesse
  3. [CAWS20] Round2: EricF [Demonology/Necromancy]/Bashing vs bansa [Finesse]/Blood/Fire
  4. [CAWS20] Round2: Steve44 [Necromancy/Disease]/Discipline vs Nopethebard MonoRed
  5. [CAWS20] Round2: CarpeGuitarrem MonoRed vs charnel_mouse [Demonology/Disease]/Discipline
  6. [CAWS20] Round2: hardy83 [Discipline]/Anarchy/Finesse vs Nekoatl [Demonology/Disease]/Truth

@frozenStorm: The link doesn´t work for me. Is there already a Spreadsheet to look at?

I can’t edit the OP anymore (ugh) but here is the link:

EDIT I was able to edit the OP, it’s there as well!

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Thank you!

@FrozenStorm I’m going to drop from this event. My brain just isn’t in a Codex headspace right now, and I don’t expect to get back there for a while.

I may re-join you for CAPS.


Sorry to hear that @EricF but can totally understand and respect it, I do hope we get to see you back for Spring!

@bansa that means you’ll have a bye this week

@charnel_mouse I’m inclined based on the board position to give you a W for round 1 so I think I will. Open to hearing objections if there’s strong feelings it should be marked as a bye from other players but a T3 Vandy maxband w/ no strong answer is very tough to come back from in that position


No objections :slight_smile: I say it’s a fair call.

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I was going to mark this as a forfeit in the match data, since that’s what I usually do when people drop, especially so early. I haven’t looked at EricF’s turns, but I also mucked up the patrol, so my Heroes’ Hall was going to come a little late for comfort against Garth. If you think my position is really that strong, against EricF of all people, I can mark it as a normal victory instead?

Based on what he had teched and was holding (especially post Shadow Blade), I would say you win from that position 9 times out of 10, yeah

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Feels bad to get a first win against EricF that way, but OK, I’ll defer.

We’re close enough that I feel good posting the next round here. @Nopethebard happened to draw the bye between them and Steve.

I encourage everyone to ask questions or seek help from experienced players if they’re having trouble resetting their spreadsheet / other means of tracking game state when they make a play error. I’m happy to help wherever I can in that regard, as if things aren’t resolved correctly it can make resolving a future issue in the game very sticky.

GL HF everyone!

CAWS20 Round 3

  1. [CAWS20] Round3: zhavier [Blood]/Feral/Strength vs Bomber678 [Finesse]/Anarchy/Strength
  2. [CAWS20] Round3: charnel_mouse [Demonology/Disease]/Discipline vs Unity [Present/Future]/Peace
  3. [CAWS20] Round3: hardy83 [Discipline]/Anarchy/Finesse vs bansa [Finesse]/Blood/Fire
  4. [CAWS20] Round3: FrozenStorm [Demonology/Necromancy]/Finesse vs CarpeGuitarrem MonoRed
  5. [CAWS20] Round3: Steve44 [Necromancy/Disease]/Discipline vs Nekoatl [Demonology/Disease]/Truth

Brutal for P2s so far. Round 1 was 5-1 and Round 2 is now a sweep with 5-0. Yikes. Could’ve been 6-0 if EricF stayed in. :wink:

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