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[Tournament] 19XX: Kerfuffle 3 - Tournament Complete - Legion Wins!


The problem isn’t only unbalance. It’s really boring to play against Zane and Troq.
All their options are very good and you can’t really build a strategy against them. They also are too easy to play with and incredibly unpredictable. They make Yomi a pure random game where other characters imply strategy and reflexion.

On the other side Geiger is a very flavourful character, even if some of his matchups are crazily unbalanced.


Well said, @Castanietzsche. I think this is not the place to discuss such things, just for reporting and appreciating the games we had and the fun we experienced.
Those who do not agree with the format have the freedom to not take part in it, and leave us to our hype :wink:


Well, I mean, I specifically asked for feedback. That doesn’t mean just positive feedback. I’m going to continue running it, so those of you who enjoy it don’t need to worry about it going away.


I don’t know that it’s necessary, but I find it personally a really difficult/fun format. This and LLO really hammer home how reliant I am on Troq as a beater against characters that I struggle with.

There definitely seem to be more character loyalists and non-20XX players in the scene nowadays. It’ll be interesting to see how long that lasts. Maybe there are enough non-standard format events that people don’t mind the 20XX top tiers, since they’re seen less often.

I’m still interested in exploring 19XX and developing more characters in it, so I’ll keep running it.


Congrats @Legion well deserve win even so i really wanted to see MJ eat a ice cream this year i can wait another year haha. Looking forward to seeing what you call the next tournament of 19xx.

Big shout out to Mysticjuicer again for running this tournament making a place where both old and new players a like can test out and play match up we don’t normally see.


I of course did not expect them to stop due to their popularity, but still wanted to throw in my feedback.


I think these formats do promote variety and are great to avoid the 20XX carousel. But the carousel will always be there in one form or another. I can’t wait to play some more 20XX. Zane is may main and I am proud of it!



Hrm, I don’t know how I feel about that comment; it seems to suggest that you might not think that you are one of the strongest players currently! Sure, you aren’t doing very well in LLO, but that’s an oddball format that I am currently winning (so you know something is wrong with it ;)). It might feel bad to lose in what could be fallaciously perceived as a “more skilltesting format” but I think that’s the entirely wrong outlook.

Sure, you use :troq: in hard matchups; that’s actually the correct thing to do? I play him against :argagarg: and :setsuki: now and then to take some pressure off of :midori:, and even though I’m comfortable against :zane: I will probably switch to :troq: if I lose a game early in the set before I have a read on the player.

Here are a few ridiculous statements that a scrub could make about 19XX/LLO:

“mysticjuicer only does well in regular tournaments because they crutch on top tiers, they aren’t REALLY good at Yomi”

“Leontes does great in 19XX/LLO because they are actually good at Yomi and can win with bad characters”

I think those are both wrong and/or fucked up ways to look at it. Instead, how about this:

“Leontes does really well in 19XX/LLO because he’s spent a lot of time developing his low tier characters like :menelker::jaina::midori: and less time on top tiers; mysticjuicer plays a lot of :troq::setsuki:, so he’s not going to do well in a format where all of his characters are banned/discouraged”

In essence, I’d say don’t discredit yourself for taking the time to learn and develop top tier characters. It’s given you a lot of success in what many would consider the “real” tournaments of the game, and winning IYL5 was a big part of cementing your Yomi legacy.

Who cares what characters you used to get there. Imo enomus and I are idiots who wasted a lot of time with low tier characters and gave ourselves the hard route; some may call this hype and honorable, but at the end of the day I’d just call it foolish. Nobody should be discouraged from playing :zane::geiger::troq: and spending their in-game time FAR more effectively than we both did. We had to play out of our minds to get there and we haven’t been that good ever since. Maybe I would win more stuff now if I had spent more time on my :grave: or :zane:, but I haven’t, so I have to keep struggling with the Dragon man.

This goes for anyone playing any game and using the strongest characters/tactics, btw. Don’t discredit yourselves. You are winning; no one can take that away from you.

Props to @ThreeHeadedMonkey, proud :zane: player. Keep rockin’.


Ah, no, I’m sorry if I gave the impression I was feeling ashamed of playing Troq or something. That’s not it at all. Picking up Troq has been one of the best decisions I’ve made, in terms of success, and in terms of enjoying playing the game. I just meant that in 20XX or other standard-ish formats, I have a character-select plan that I can execute with confidence against anyone and any character. That’s not currently the case in 19XX - I’m still developing my counter-picks in this format, because Troq covers soooo many match-ups for me.

It’s frustrating in the way that all learning experiences can be frustrating, but it’s fun in the way that learning experiences are fun too. I never would have spent much time learning Gloria or Lum if not for 19XX, because in standard formats I don’t need to have learned those characters, per se.


All the 20XX players left, so the meta changed. No more Zane players anymore.


There’s at least one! :zane: :chibizane: :codexzane: