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[Tournament] 19XX: Kerfuffle 3 - Tournament Complete - Legion Wins!


I’m unfamiliar with the genre, but pretend this is a suitably intimidating response sprinkled with legalistic double entendres.


Quince is this guy.

“You’ll never beat me, Yugi. Not when I play my… Two-Lies White Dragon.”


Quince’s genitals are terrifying.


oh so we’re officially full anime now

well then. in that case.

we could always make this top 8

a little more interesting


See I was thinking of Quince as Pegasus, but the more I think about it…I think it checks out.





The tournament organizer would like to remind everyone in Top 8 that it is not the case that “if you die in the game, you die in real life.” He would also like to vigorously deny that “there exists a prophecy that there was a person born inside the Yomi, who could shape the reads as they saw fit.” The prize for this event remains $20 CDN and not “life eternal” or “global dominion for a hundred thousand years.”

You do have to create a fully fleshed out fursona though. That’s an extremely real rule. 1,000 words of backstory minimum, submitted in PDF form.

Thank you,
The 19XX Management


Watch out, for from below, we rise!


Global dominion sounded great!


GutterOwl loses 2-4 to MR75


Maximum salty about this one for reasons that have nothing to do with MR75, who played a good set and took advantage of some pretty bad tilt on my part. Thanks for the set, hope I’ll be able to redeem myself next year.


Hereafter some comments!

GGs GutterOwl, your mains are really scary!
Best of luck in your other tournaments!


Yeah, an appliance technician coming by at the exact start of a match is unbeatable tech. Especially if your dog flips out barking, and the guy ultimately charges you $100USD for doing basically nothing. The tilt lasts with you all day.

Also, I failed to apply my most important rule: Always stay on Perse when fighting for my life, no matter how bad the matchup. I don’t know if it would’ve helped, but at least I would’ve died with my leather boots on.

GGs, dude. Reset the bracket for me. Do this in my name.


Uuuugh. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Attilian :ps4gem:-:ps2gem: @Caralad

:lum: :pschip::pscrash: :argagarg:
:gloria: :pscrash::pschip: :argagarg:
:gloria: :pscrash::pschip: :rook:
:gloria: :pscrash::pschip: :setsuki:
:gloria: :pschip::pscrash: :rook:
:lum: :pscrash::pschip: :rook: Great Pandamonium into Checkmate Buster !!!

Caralad caught me good with the strong counter pick to open, so I really needed that Gloria win against Rook to get the set moving my way. Caralad’s Rook was giving me fits throughout the set. Ggs!


Shoutouts to @BD_Corro for also holding it down with Setsuki. If you take either BD_Corro or myself out of the picture, Setsuki becomes a losing character in the historical MU chart.


LR6 @Castanietzsche vs MR 3-4

:quince::psfist::pschip::grave: The cancellor got life lead and took almost safely to the end…

:quince::pschip::psfist::grave: Landed an early 2–>TPOS into a K (liar) spin, then huge cancellor comeback from 63hp vs 15 hp, till 16v15. Finally grab a K (truth) spin 8–>A

:quince::pschip::psfist::grave: drew many 7s and 8s, got life lead and took it to the end

:quince::pschip::psfist::grave: some good guessing, then landed a mixup 3–>TPOS

:quince::psfist::pschip::grave: balanced game, then cancellor took life lead… I tried a little comeback (cancellor was low on cards…) but no success

:quince::psfist::pschip::grave: hmmm…previous game yet???

:quince::pschip::psfist::grave: very very close. TPOS in my hand vs only 2 cards in his hand… MM 2&Joker, another MM to draw some dodge (luckly I got them) and MT to prevent his 2. Dodged Joker into TPOS and next turn he unluckly (or luckly for me) drew a 4 (B/D). Throw into A…

GGs Castanietzsche! very tense!

As @Legion said: “no TPOS no win in this MU!”


Imho, you revealing the 2 for KtO and then actually playing it in the next spin was epic!
he lied about the K revealing a normal, and then u comboed into TPOS! Couldn’t believe my eyes!
PS: i believe there was a TPOS in game 3 too.


mysticjuicer 4 - 0 Attilian

:onimaru: :clock11: :pschip: :grave:
:onimaru: :psfist: :pschip: :grave:
:onimaru: :psfist: :pschip: :lum:
:onimaru: :psfist: :pschip: :lum:

ggs Attilian, I was terrified going into our set, and I didn’t relax until the last combat was resolved


Does the clock mean that you won via timeout?


Exactly that. :slight_smile: