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[Tournament] 19XX: Ace 4 - Tournament in progress!


MR vs @Journeyboy 4-2

I started being thrown a lot and my life went down and down. Then I blue bursted his lethal combo and drew two As! (blue burst into gold burst!) Next turn TPoS closed it

I felt this game was like previous one… except I didn’t have a Joker to blue burst and gotta smashed very quickly (I think I dealt maximum 10dmg…)

Tried to change a little my range…no way, gotta smashed even more quickly

Quite balanced. End game I managed to land some throws that took gwen’s life away

Another balanced game. Late game (around 40hp each), I built a known TPoS and started to dodge his attacks: 1st FD I left and it was real, 2nd FD I threw and it was real, 3rd TPoS followed up.

Again, we went down to 40hp each, then I hit air for two turns, but next two ones, my As hit Gwen.

Very well played, your Gwen is really tough!
Respect and GGs!


CKR over @Bob199 4-3

:setsuki: > :valerie:
:setsuki: > :grave:
:setsuki: < :lum:
:argagarg: < :lum:
:argagarg: < :lum:
:argagarg: > :lum:
:argagarg: > :gloria:

Brief Summary:

  • Burst out to early 2-0 lead with Setsuki
  • Got thrown alot with Arg vs Lum
  • Stabilized myself
  • Blowfish Spikes for the win



Better late than never!

ArthurWynne vs GutterOwl

:midori: :knockdown: :psfist: :persephone: For whatever reason I was expecting Setsuki, and got a rude awakening!
:setsuki: :psfist::knockdown::persephone: Well, if Setsuki is up for grabs… Was a close and tense match, but it worked.
:setsuki: :psfist::knockdown: :onimaru: Got the SoTF engine going and drew really well. #SetsukiThings.
:setsuki::knockdown::psfist::persephone: Download definitely in progress here. Got trussed up and spanked.
:persephone: :psfist: :knockdown: :persephone: Close-fought and super hype. One of the most fun mirrors in Yomi.
:persephone: :psfist: :knockdown: :persephone: GutterOwl fearlessly stays in the mirror! I had the advantage this game after a turn 2 “counter war” got her low on cards, lettimg me pressure both hand and life total of the rival Persephone. GutterOwl fought her way back to parity by the endgame, but I guessed right on the final dodge/throw mixup and closed it out with OYK.

Final result, 4-2 to ArthurWynne.


Looks like all but 2 of the round 1 matches are going to happen! Great job everyone! :heart:


Fluffiness 4-1 Rinzler
:persephone: :psfist: :pschip: :rook: He got me down to 1hp and I almost brought it back
:persephone: :psfist: :pschip: :rook: This was no good
:persephone: :pschip: :psfist: :rook: I got the godhand. 3 Ks and 2 Aces. Was nice.
:bbb: :psfist: :pschip: :rook: Did I deserve this?
:bbb: :psfist: :pschip: :rook: Did I???


You stuck with Rook against a known BBB player.

You were already dead.


omae wa mou shindeirook


Just a quick announcement - I mistakenly set the round 2 deadline at July 8th, which is only 1 week. I’m going to change that to July 15th, so that round 2 also allows for 2 weeks to schedule matches. Apologies for any confusion.


Xiba vs @snoc
:argagarg: :psfist: :knockdown: :valerie:
:argagarg: :psfist: :knockdown: :valerie:
:argagarg: :psfist: :knockdown: :valerie:
:argagarg: :psfist: :knockdown: :valerie:
Ggs mate. I always have wanted cards in hand and made power-up many times at the 4th round.
Details may be shown by snoc’s fantastic video.
Good luck next time!


Too kind :wink:

Val-Arg kind of sucks and I’m way out of practice with her. Hopefully I get more than 4 more games in the lower bracket…


imho val vs arg is not that bad, quite the contrary. but maybe is just me, since i am a grave/val main i face arg so often that i know the mu inside/out.:stuck_out_tongue:

Critique my Valerie

mysticjuicer 4 -3 Three Headed Monkey

:argagarg: :psfist: :knockdown: :grave:
:argagarg: :psfist: :knockdown: :vendetta:
:argagarg: :psfist: :knockdown: :vendetta:
:argagarg: :knockdown: :psfist: :grave:
:midori: :knockdown: :psfist: :grave:
:midori: :knockdown: :psfist: :grave:
:onimaru: :psfist: :knockdown: :grave:

ggs THM! Our sets are always exciting, and this was no exception! Good luck in the rest of the event!


I’m practicing val too but I just chose arg in the last match lol


Flargle so close! It was definitely a mistake to switch to Vendetta. I think that he works well against Arg but I just don’t have the right experience using him.


sharpobject 4-1 @Ivan

:gloria::pschip::psfist::midori: I think I died in 6 combats.
:bbb::psfist::pschip::midori: How do I play this guy???
:bbb::psfist::pschip::argagarg: For a long time I was at range and couldn’t actually play enough damage to race against curse without losing range. So that was awkward. Luckily I managed to lose range and then guess right.

Good games!


@Juushichi advances over FaceOnMars by TO decision.
@thehug0naut advances over Request by TO decision.


The deadline for winners round 2 and losers round 1 remains Sunday, July 15.


19XX: Ace 4
One-Loss Bracket, Round 1

Mystic Deadman vs. @CarpeGuitarrem


Final Score:

MD 4-0 CarpeGuitarrem

Of note: Game 2 ended on an exact 19 Health Blackjack. Lum 7s were used in an attempt to bait out Arg Ts, to no avail. Arg was only able to activate BS 1 time all set.

And I was ready to switch to Gwen on first loss. lul

GGs d00d, and good luck to you in future events!


Did Lum get throws added in a recent patch? Honest question.


I think they were added, like, 2 minutes before our set.