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[Tournament] 19XX: Ace 4 - Tournament in progress!


mysticjuicer 4 - 1 sharpobject

:midori: :psfist: :pschip: :gloria:
:midori: :psfist: :pschip: :bbb:
:midori: :psfist: :pschip: :bbb:
:midori: :pschip: :psfist: :bbb:
:grave: :psfist: :pschip: :bbb:

ggs sir!


Thanks to everyone who participated for playing! I hope it was a fun experience to mess around with a bit of different meta and some different character choices. Let me know if there’s anything about the experience you’d like to see improved or changed, either in this thread, or by sending me a private message, if you’d prefer.

Congrats to the the top 8!

#1 mysticjuicer
#2 @sharpobject
#3 @Zqxx
#4 @MR75
#5/6 @Copper8642 and @Leontes
#7/8 @Dietz and @Fluffiness

Hope to see you all in the next 19XX!


I did have fun BUT:

did you save Menelkuba?

That’s what really matters.


Hi!! Thanks for the great tournament !! Sorry for not showing up forever!!


No worries! I was partly to blame for that too, by delaying grand finals after the last round due to work and social commitments. No harm no foul.


It might be November but you explicitly ruled in the cold. Get ice creaming, Canada

Also, congrats on the win @mysticjuicer! #enjoyyourselfsomewinning


True! True! True!
Video! Video! Video!


The ice cream sammiches have been purchased. :slight_smile: #ItsHappening


Please also fan yourself with the ice cream sammiches. #CanadianGlamour


It’s been a week, where’s the video?


Sorry! The sun has completely forsaken the country I live in, and only the wholesome joy of the She-Ra reboot has been sustaining me. :stuck_out_tongue: Will be working on the backlog over the next few weeks, and the ice cream video will be out by this weekend. :slight_smile:




10.8/10 would watch mysticjuicer eat ice cream sandwiches with a 20 canadian dollarydoo again.


Watching at work because this is important viewing


This is a really high level video!!!

Oscar for short film alerted!


High level content. However, for some reason I imagined you laughing like this in my minds eye.


Watching this again now that I’m home to fully appreciate the majesty of this masterpiece.