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Either I somehow missed it or, unthinkably, nobody has posted it yet, but…

[table flip]

Infuriate your opponent by repeatedly clearing the board with ultimate spells, even without necessarily having a maxbanded hero at the beginning of your turn!


Don’t forget the slow-time generator/Censorship council combo!


don’t forget the Jail


Yeah, it seems like Jail + Censorship Council would be way better than Slow-Time Generator + CC, especially since it doesn’t need a Tech Lab. I kind of want to try this now… Maybe after IYL5, since that and real-life stuff will keep me busy for a while.


the true combo is Slow Time Generator+ Censorship Council + Jail+ Judgement day(+ Morningstar Pass if we want to get crazy).

Judgement day into a fresh Jail/Censorship Council might be a legit combo for a real game. If the judgement day is backed by insurance agents then adding the final building could be somewhat reasonable.


Isn’t Council on top of Slow Time kind of useless? “You won’t have gold to play your cards… but now you couldn’t even if you did!”


Kinda redundant and weak, but not exactly useless. It belongs in the codex wild dreams thread.

Council would prevent combos like StW+something or Now!/Bloodlust+Minion or any game plan that involves going down in cards to get a leg up on the board. Also, it’s one more target to kill before they can breath again. STG only has 2hp.


I generally find against a CC people pour their remaining gold into hero’s to keep a board presence, with slow time generator out they can’t. as with the cheap Past units, you shouldn’t be affected nearly as much.


I’m not proud.


Bug fixes and performance improvements, with improved startup times.



That is some fantastic frackin’ wordplay. Well done, sir. Well done, indeed!

Big surprise: this one’s viable!

I did get very lucky, but I also made some questionable tech choices, so I think it’s got legs.


Well, I had been stewing with a slightly different idea:

“In the Future, Anarchy is Law”

Basically use Law (Judgment Day) and Anarchy (make Zane invisible with Unphase to ensure Maximum Anarchy goes off. Even Promise of Payment the MA. Maybe use Jurisdiction to cast the future spells.) to wipe out the board as often as possible until our forecast Future overlords come into existence.

Aside from that, never really theorycrafted too much of how to make it viable.


The only problem is that since MA kills Zane, too, you can only play it (at most) every other turn, assuming draws work out. So you’ll have to hope that you don’t draw JDay and MA in the same hand too often. But I really want to try it out before saying it won’t work!

Would you start with 1 KotC and Jday, then move on to 1 KotC, MA, Omega, and Unphase?


Actually, it is every 3 turns, 1 to cast it, one without zane, one to max zane, and then the 3rd turn you can cast it again.


Remarkably, last Wednesday @Jeremetroid played Finesse/Growth/Disease, which I suppose gives us bug fixes and performance improvements, but with a virus


Anyone mind a late entry?

Monstrous Contract / Always Read the Fine Print

A barrister as long-lived as DeGrey can find a lot of loopholes.

Final Showdown gives you a ready 7/8 flyer that draws on attacks, in exchange for giving the opponent two 3/3 anti-air tokens. Until DeGrey shows up. Or use FS twice, followed by DeGrey: 9 gold gets you a 10/11 ready flyer that draws twice on attacks, and gets rid of the opponent’s hunters.

A tech lab lets you add Terras Q for more loopholes. Terras Q and a Final Showdown, followed by DeGrey, costs a doable 12 gold if you draw them all, and Terras Q is already unshackled.

Why not add Mythmaking while you’re at it? And use Metamorphosis to max out Midori in the first place, so your big flyer is also Invisible on top of having Resist?

This all needs Tech II, but you’ve got Rook, Mythical Ardra’s Boulder, and Tiny Basilisks as stalling options. You’ve got Vandy, Mythical Jandra, and Bird’s Nest as more offensive options, and the Tiny Basilisks can be Circled later on.