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The Dreadlands Amphitheater [Heavy Metal Thread]


Subway has just released a live album of many of their greatest hits in an “ecoustic” format; electric insturments but emulating the style of acoustic concerts if I understand it correctly.
The above rendition of Wenn Engel hassen is from that album.


I really liked one of Subway’s songs. A live rendition of Kaempfen Wir. I think it was posted earlier in this thread, or maybe the FS metal thread?

And all metal is welcome in this thread.

I recently started expanding my library again and added some all-women Japanese power metal bands: Albion’s Campanula (haven’t given it a full listen yet), Aldious’s Dazed and Delight (starts strong, waffles later), and Mary’s Blood’s Scarlet (my favorite of the bunch, Burning Blaze is so good).

I’ve also been listening to Immolation’s Atonement, Phrenelith’s Desolate Endscape, Tomb Mold’s Primordial Malignance, and Extremity’s Extremely Fucking Dead, rounding out my death library a bit. Tomb Mold sing about Bloodborne and have a really interesting sound with some twang to their guitars, check out their bandcamp and giving them a listen if you’re at all into death metal. Extremely Fucking Dead is an extremely fucking good album. The solo to Chalice of Pus (CW: slight gore) is * kisses fingertips *. I had just gotten out of a depressive episode when I first listened to this album, and this section was so dismal it almost sent me right back. Only complaint I have about this album is that it’s only five songs. I need more of this stuff.

I’ve heard Extremity described as a bay area metal super group, though the only member I was familiar with prior to hearing about the is Marissa Martinez, who does guitar and vocals for deathgrind band Cretin. Their drummer, Aesop Dekker, was part of a band called Agalloch that I think was fairly well-known, though I’ve never listened to them.

I haven’t taken a look at any full albums, but I’ve been enjoying meandering from one Ghost music video the next on Youtube. Square Hammer is addictively catchy, and the music video is a bit of goofy fun.

Also, I’ve listened to some Wino stuff—Saint Vitus and The Obsessed, namely—and finally got around to listening to Spirit Caravan, who had been recommended to me a while ago. It’s some solid stuff, real groovy doom metal. Check out Jug Fulla Sun.

In other news, I had my first review accepted on Metallum. That means I can tell girls at parties I’m a published writer now.

I want to review Extremely Fucking Dead, Vader’s Litany and Sentenced’s Shadows of Past next. Extremely Fucking Dead’s a good one to review because it’s recent and I really like it, while Litany and Shadows of Past are two of my favorite albums of all time. Maybe Amorphis’s Tales From the Thousand Lakes and Incantation’s Onwards to Golgotha to balance out all the positive reviews with a couple negative ones. Might also try tackling a Lamb of God album.


Just went to BCfest. Got to see Flesh Juicer again, as well as discovered Beyond Cure (the band throwing the fest, sounded like Dim Spiro Spero era Dir with Chino on vocals ) , and Maggot Colony. Nice to see the Taiwanese scene growing


It’s the begining of a new year, any new metal worth listening to? If Mechina’s going to release anything this year, it’ll prolly come out soon.

New Chthonic, with guest vocals from Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe


I don’t know why I remember this now and if I am adding any value to this thread by sharing his obscure German thing, but there’s a German comedy/parody metal band called Knorkator.

Here’s a romantic song about how distant the horizon is:


I recently come across Tengger Cavalry, they use Mongolian instruments and throat singing for something very different.

In particular I find Cavalry in Thousands to be a very cool song to listen to.


Thanks to Tengger, I discovered Bloodywood on the recommended feed. They do metal covers of Bollywood hits and it’s something I never knew I needed before


Hell. Yes.