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The Bureau of Balance (collating and testing fan-made changes)


I’d say Zane and Troq’s best and worst MUs.


By my data, that would be :zane:/:troq:,:jaina: and :troq:/:onimaru:-:quince:.


Totally in agreement. Zane changes will be by far the most meta defining since he dominates most characters so thoroughly. I’d like to see them also tested against Grave since we don’t plan to change him at all.


Would also like to see Zane vs Gloria, and Troq vs BBB. Both of them vs Grave would be a nice gut check too.


Imo the following list of mus are the most lopsided in the game. The top set of four are more lopsided than the 12 that follow.


BBB/Rook (edited in since I had gloria/zane twice)

That is 16 mus out of 170 non-mirror mus. So we are doing pretty well. But imo the above mus are all 6.5+ at expert level.


How is Zane Menelker not on that list?


Really appreciate the list making. I definitely feel I could add a few others but that makes sense, there are a lot of MUs and it’s hard to explore all of them.

The shortlist at the top is probably the most useful for the purposes of testing as exhaustive testing is unlikely to an option at this point.

If I could add only one match to the “top” 4 I would include Rook BBB which can only be appropriately described as terribad/near unwinnable/fuck you satanbot.


Interesting. The Geiger matchups don’t show nearly as lopsided in my data analysis as you’re suggesting, but the Oni matchups definitely do. I wonder what the difference is.


Geiger is harder to play than Oni, Ithink.


Zane/Gloria is on the list twice. Did you mean Midori/Gloria, or another MU?


Forgot BBB/Rook


I wonder if, whenever I get the model to account for per-character skill, if those will show up more, then.