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Swift strike


I am new to this game. Does swift strike work while defending as well or just attacking?


Swift Strike works on defence as well as when attacking. A high-ATK squad leader with swift strike can be a complete roadblock to your opponent - although of course this is hard to achieve :slight_smile:


@robinz’s answer is correct, but in the future you might want to check the Rules Questions Thread. A lot of questions like these have already been asked and answered there, so searching there could save you some time – and if no one has asked before, you can always ask there!


Pay attention to the wording though.
Setsuki hero card says "Attacks: swift strike"
So her swift strike only works when she attacks.

Cards that just say “swift strike” means they work on both attack and being attacked


Yep, that would be GLORIOUS!


Glorious Ninja and Ferocity are the 2 main methods that come to mind.


Don’t forget The Art of War! Maxband Oni may be rare, but AoW seems to be designed to achieve exactly this (Max band Oni already has Readiness, so you don’t have to choose between swinging and blocking). In most cases, the card essentially reads “Deal 7 damage to a non-flying unit, hero or building. Opposing units and heroes cannot attack you unless they are flying or unstoppable.”


“or have dinosize…”


fair enough.


“or are just really really big…”


I don’t believe rodents of unusual size exist… :wink:


Since this thread is continuing, I’ll just drop this note in:

Indestructible beats swift strike. Even if you deal enough damage to “kill” the indestructible unit, it stays in play and gets to deal its damage back.
The same applies to two lives and soul stone.


What about patrollers with both anti-air and swift strike - do they deal damage to an attacker (without swift strike) that flies over them before it gets to deal damage?



I asked this once and the anwser was yes. The flier wont get to deal any damage


The logic is that combat damage is dealt simultaneously except for swift strike which is dealt first.

So a flier with no swift strike flies over an swift strike anti air patroller and attacks a building (attacking building also considered as 'combat damage)

Now all combat damage is resolved simultaneously
Flier attacking building
Anti air patroller shooting the bird that flew over

If anti air patroller has swift strike, it will deal its part of the combat damage resolution first
If it killed the bird, we dont get to resolve the combat damage dealt by bird.


Thank you for the explanation, I appreciate it :slight_smile: