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Summer Smash V - Round 1 deadline is July 15th


I believe the proper notation here is :setsuki::psfist::scream::troq: considering it was a perfect


Blast! @Fluffiness ended my 19xx run, and now I have to go up against him again in SS? I’m coming for you, @Fluffiness. You got me in 19xx, but you’d better be ready here in SS!

(There, that’s better. Can’t show weakness…)



“A brawl is surely brewing!”

Cuphead (SirHandsome) VS Quinn (Bob199)


:knockdown: :gloria: vs :troq: ::psfist:
:psfist: :gloria: vs :troq: :knockdown:
:psfist: :gloria: vs :troq: :knockdown:
:knockdown: :gloria: vs :zane: :psfist:
:psfist: :gloria: vs :zane: :knockdown:
:psfist: :gloria: vs :zane: :knockdown:

Fake Checkmates…1 (forgot about creator and destroyer… luckily he didn’t have it!)
Deathstrike Glorias…1



I can feel it. Almost to the top.

Leontes vs. @ThreeHeadedMonkey


Leontes wins, 4-2.

Some hero plays from 3HM in his two wins. I had a known FDB in hand and throughout the whole set I had been 100% aggro in DF; I think I played K, Throw in G1, and then K, K, Throw early on in G2. When I went into DF the third time, I didn’t think he’d let me raw FDB, so I backed off and tried to Dodge and got legit grabbed by an 8. I would have stolen that game had my FDB landed, excellent read.

In the :zane: vs. :onimaru:, I was actually winning for a majority of the match. I got him down to 19 and lost 100% of combats, and he clawed back to a victory. Very well played.

Brought out the fish and did fish things.


I’ve been doing pretty well stealing games from :degrey: lately, lmao.


Losers Bracket
Xiba vs @Caralad
:midori: :psfist: :knockdown: :troq: :midori: did many throws to counter Giant Grown. In the middle game changed into dragon form and attack many times and luckily :troq: had no block in hand at this moment. A risk move to use Final dragon buster (As as throw) and counter :troq: low speed throw so combo into another A to give huge damage. In the late game, :troq: hit back and let hp 8-6. So close but final dicision is Q vs throw so gg in the first round.
:midori: :knockdown: :psfist: :degrey: Almost no face card in hand and final hp is 5-28. J counter same speed J gg.
:midori: :psfist: :knockdown: :degrey: After losing one game, I thought which character I would choose to counter :degrey: but my brain didn’t work that time so continue :midori: ! A long time match and :degrey:'s TR didn’t give him more hp.
:midori: :psfist: :knockdown: :degrey: This game was so fast. :degrey: take big damage at first and then it’s :midori: time. In dragon form did so much damage with three Ks! So lucky.
:midori: :psfist: :knockdown: :zane: When :zane: came out I say damn. I don’t like this guy because lose many games against him (human control). I know his attack speed is fast so I choose block or dodge when in normal form and Q or dodge in dragon form and it works. After matck I know he has only face card and As in hand almost all time. So bad for zane!
Ggs mate. And thanks for watching @MR75. So I enter top 8 in SS V? It’s my first time to join the tournament. A good start always means something! Finally I would thank all you guys who played with me and taught me. I know it’s just beginning and a long hard way is ahead. I’m ready!


flagrantangles (Tellah) wins 4-1 vs @ArthurWynne (Eileen the Crow)
:quince::psfist::pschip::troq: I had pretty good draws and that helps a lot. Collecting all 4 aces silently is PRUY GUD, especially when you get to combo into three of them from a 6 attack. That said, I got a good lead and then started bleeding it away with some wild throws. I managed to close it out but Arthur was doing work!
:quince::pschip::psfist::persephone: I was never quite able to get off the ground here. I almost got in but a joker stopped me dead in my tracks.
:gwen::psfist::pschip::persephone: Did you know that doing a lot of damage off a combat win is really detrimental to characters who don’t have a lot of life?
:gwen::psfist::pschip::grave: Arthur pointed it out later, but I think I only lost a single combat in this round. Avoiding TPoS twice is really good for your health.
:gwen::psfist::pschip::troq: I had weirdly bad draws during this MU but was able to clutch it out. The power of spaghetti is real.

I had to bring back the #GwenMeta my friends.


“No, no, there has to be a way I can change this!”



“This match is going to get red hot!!”

Cuphead (SirHandsome) VS Max (mysticjuicer)


:knockdown: :gloria: vs :midori: :psfist:
:heart: :gloria: vs :midori: :knockdown:
:knockdown: :gloria: vs :midori: :psfist:
:heart: :gloria: vs :midori: :knockdown:
:heart: :gloria: vs :midori: :knockdown:
:knockdown: :gloria: vs :troq: :psfist:
:heart: :gloria: vs :troq: :knockdown:

1 HP Comebacks… 0 (weird to have a full Gloria set with no comebacks)
Near-Instant Losses, Even with Two Jokers in Hand…1 (Midori wasn’t messing around)
Checkmates to End the Set…1 (shoulda been one turn earlier, but slipped up)


Bob199 :ps4gem: : :ps2gem: variable

:valerie: :pscrash::pscrash: :pschip: :pschip: :codexquince:
:valerie: :codexargagarg: :pschip: :pschip: :pscrash::pscrash: :codexgrave:
:codexonimaru: :pscrash::pscrash: :pschip: :pschip: :codexgrave:

ggs variable


[A stack of papers are sitting on the desk before ye. This photo was among them.]


Thanks, @Bob199! Good luck in the rest of the tournament!

Ye Oni is quite resilient, and ye other characters are quite polished, as well! In this match I discovered that there are many improvements I could make to my game, and I appreciate the lesson! I hope to play ye again sometime! :smiley_cat:

Thanks also to @Caralad & @Jengajam for running this Summer Smash!

Rhetorical Q:When’s part six…?


@jengajam now that we’re in top 8, could you make an updated picture bracket please?


The Silent (@Leontes) vs. Emerald Herald (@Shax)

enters Dragon Form

“I am awake.”

I thought I had reached the top, but there was more to ascend. Sixteen… seventeen… eighteen…


Leontes wins, 4-1.

I had Shax’s number throughout this set, and we had a long and satisfying Yomi discussion afterwards about my play and what I’ve been trying to do these last few months. Honestly it’s a lot of playing/watching actual fighting games and learning a lot of theoretical concepts from @MadKing that are helping me a lot. I won’t go into detail just yet, let’s see how high I can climb.

I got to play :midori: vs. :troq: again, and they were both dominant games. FDB and dQ are extremely oppressive, and if you can navigate the early game well enough, you have a decent hand and WAY more burst damage than he does. That’s actually the reason I vastly prefer :midori: over :troq:; I don’t like nickle and diming my opponents with lots of face-card reveals. I’d rather be a grappler that plays undodgeable reversals that hit like a truck, or find ways to hit confirm aces against greedier opponents. You get a life lead in this matchup, then teh dagron bullies the bull.

The last game was an absolute heartbreaker. I was doing okay in the early game but Shax started picking me apart, landing a near lethal combo that set me to 5 HP but more importantly put him to 2 cards in hand. He had 25 left, and I had a hand of TTT; I powered it up for Aces as I needed a button to push that beats normal/throw.

I drew a Block, and slammed it down. His Crimson Passion was blocked, and I was alive for another turn.

Now 5 card hand against 3 card hand, I thought the following:

  1. He will Throw my Blodge. If that’s the case, I can hit confirm my Aces from a 5 attack for exact lethal. I don’t think he has a Joker with that hand size.

  2. Knowing that I could just play Aces, he might Dodge into lethal. This also seems reasonable from Shax, so my read on him is that he will Dodge or Throw. I COULD Throw to beat both sides of this, but there is still some % that he could Attack, so I’m firmly thinking I should Attack/Blodge at this point to beat that range.

I decide to play the thing that will win me the game if it connects (as Throwing his Dodge would not accomplish that, and neither will Dodging an attack).

I lay down the 5. He lays down… a 6?!

Oh no…

“dude please have the T” I say. “do you have a joker?!”

He throws down a 7*, desperately trying to draw for an answer.


5 attack hit confirms for lethal into AA. He thought I would Throw, and he didn’t have a great attack to lead with, so he went with what he could. GGs, end of set.

Great games as always Shax. I will continue to try to be the most unreadable :midori: in the game.


flagrantangles wins 4-2 versus @Bob199
:geiger::pschip::psfist::valerie: Bob had my number for these first two games and navigated pretty smoothly to the end where he murdered me. On the plus side, I had a perfect success rate with gold bursts and navigating the mixup after ace powerups.
:geiger::pschip::psfist::valerie: It was a bit closer here but I sat on my aces and expected them to be respected too much. Classic me mistake.
:geiger::psfist::pschip::valerie: Here I’m getting into the groove and I’m starting to feel out how Bob plays TD turns which is mostly DP. I navigate it okay and undercut one of them with Cycloid Revolution. The following one undoes me but my hand is delightful and I just use aces and TD until Valerie doesn’t have HP left.
:geiger::psfist::pschip::onimaru: I was a little flummoxed by this CP. I may not be super familiar with this matchup, but it’s never felt bad to me from the Geiger side. I don’t really think it’s strongly favored one way or another but I suppose Geiger does have to play pretty differently than usual. Anywho, I navigate this game pretty handily. I get thrown twice and hit with a Queen but otherwise am not guard crushed or FA’ed. Cycloid Revolution does WORK. Also, TD helps me find lethal through a joker in the form of a ballsy 5 poke into Time Spiral Hurricane.
:geiger::psfist::pschip::zane: Zane is a butt but Geiger has answers to meaties and can get a fair amount off a cross up. The early game was a bit rough. I kept trying to prevent being thrown and Bob was just attacking me. OOPS. Eventually I acquire aces and kings and just generally bully Zane until he dies.
:geiger::psfist::pschip::zane: We go to block city in the beginning and then I get a decent hand by powering up for Aces. I have a joker and 2 kings as well. So far as I’m concerned, I kinda have to offload this before it’s victimized by C&D. I get the knockdown with a callout throw which I combo into Flash Gear and then I crossup with a 3 into another Flash Gear. And then I go for the crossup 5 into nothing because I respect the facedown, which is, in fact, a joker. I power up for an ace and then put up TD. I lead with Time Spiral Hurricane and beat his throw. I then combo into J and another TSH for lethal. Having all 4 aces is quite potent.

GGs Bob199! The last time I played you I got STOMPED so I’m happy I was able to defeat you this time around.

Leading with not Quince is doing wonders for me not playing MU’s that make me want to die. Hehehe.


Fluff 4-1 @vengefulpickle

:persephone::psfist::pschip::zane: I lose one combat and yet still end at 1/3 hp.
:persephone::pschip::psfist::persephone: I win no combats. Perfect averted due to Do as Told. 0% mirror winrate maintained.
:setsuki::psfist::pschip::persephone: Just run over her with amazing hands.
:setsuki::psfist::pschip::troq: Troq threatens Beast Unleashed, I throw him three times in a row for lethal while at 50hp.
:setsuki::psfist::pschip: :troq: I chain 5 SotF turns to burst him down from full.



Cool, same Winners Finals as last year.


I approve of this post solely for use of the term “block city”.


It’s my preferred vacation spot! The summers are marvelous.


Yomi is a flat circle.


Just like planet Earth. :relieved:


Feel like another all Gloria game?

Also, Winners was vs Iam. You were outhealed in semis.