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Summer Smash V - Round 1 deadline is July 15th


I’ll be the Emerald Herald from ds2

“bearer seek seek lest”


Hi hi sign me up please!! I’m not usually one much for video games but I do love RCT so lemme be that real cute entertainer avatar with the panda costume :stuck_out_tongue: (no one is surprised right??) :lum:



Bracket will likely be going up later today, so it’s your last chance to sneak in.

@mastrblastr are you still in? if so who’s your character


ooh can I just squeak in with Monster Ock from the Spiderman PS1 game?


Well with you in we’re 2 away from a 32 man bracket.


Alright, the bracket is now live. I’ll start conversations for the match ups soon. I’ve enabled predictions for the winners bracket to allow for a little bit of fun in trying to figure out how things will go.

The top 8 seeding based on last years results are

  1. Fluffiness
  2. Niijima-san
  3. SirHandsome
  4. SouthpawHare
  5. GutterOwl
  6. Bob199
  7. flagrantangles
  8. CKR

Good luck to everyone!








I’m giving people two weeks for the first round, but all future rounds will likely be one week. Some later winners round matches may have a slightly longer time frame simply due to the fact that they will not be holding up other games.

I’ll keep predictions open until the first result is in, so if you want to join in the prediction metagame, do so fast!


I made a prediction but I can’t seem to do any predictions for the loser’s bracket. :open_mouth: OH WELL.


Predictions are for winners bracket only. I could have set it for losers bracket too but that gets really complex!


Sounds like somebody hates fun.


Did I not post in time to get in the bracket? Not a huge deal for me if I don’t get in, I just found out that my life might be getting hectic again before too much longer.


Shit I missed you. I’ll see if I can see add you in.

Alright, you’re in as seed 31.

@flagrantangles You’ll need to redo your prediction I’m afraid. But just for you, I added loser bracket predictions.



@Rinzler joins as The Monster Hunter from…Monster Hunter

Signups are now 100% closed, thats it, lock it up. Sorry to those who have posted predictions.


Okay, there we go. My final prediction is far more personally hopeful than my previous iterations. THEY SAY THIRD TIME’S THE CHARM, AMIRITE?!


32 Sign-Ups! Yomi Resurrection now available on Steam and IOS.


I’m starting to think that this post was a Galaxy Brain move intended to motivate folks to come out of the woodwork to prove it wrong and save Yomi. Well played @Niijima-san, well played.


You’re still one move behind.