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Summer Smash V - Round 1 deadline is July 15th


Leontes vs. @Xiba

"The journey had been easy thus far. I had only lived this one life, yet I had lived it a thousand times. A familiar face on every floor, the same simple-minded creatures playing out a familiar routine. The only difference ever is how prepared I am for their deadly dance, and whether I have the strength to follow their lead. Where this knowledge comes from, I’m not entirely sure. Is it just experience? A “second-sight” perhaps?

With each death I can foresee their killing blow, yet I do not run; instead, I grit my teeth and accept the coming respite. Knowing that it would not be the last time, knowing that I would get another chance. Or maybe, hoping that this time I won’t wake up.

But this time…

I wiped the slime from my blade and reached out for the dome-shaped object. I could sense great power from it, its strange markings beckoning my fingers to trace along the pathways on its surface. I felt my mind shake, a spurt of vigor empowering my soul. A familiar feeling, but I was wary. Neow has taught me that every ounce of power comes at a price. This time, however, I felt nothing. Interesting.

I shook it off and entered the City. A familiar flock of carrion. Alright, the one who’s spreading his wings, hit that one four times so it can’t…

Wait, what?

I can see them but, I can’t see… I… I can’t see it.

Instinctively I brace myself and cover my heart, yet none of them strike at me. Instead they grow more rabid, then the shroud again. Wait, no, I could’ve… Damn it!

What could… oh, no.

The dome. Is this the price? Or a test?

The “second-sight” once afforded to me had been replaced by a foggy, distracting haze. For the first time in what felt like an eternity, I feel… fear. I feel dread. I feel… exhilarated. I feel… excited.

I feel… something new.

Alright… If I can’t see exactly what they’re doing, I’ll just have to make the read…

“Show me what you’ve got!”


Leontes wins 4-1.

I played very well today. I’m on a tear. Let’s keep it going.

Obligatory “Block City” image for @flagrantangles :


"The carvings in the stone are always the same leading up to one of those… things. You can almost smell the danger as you turn the corner.

I take a nap, a dreamless sleep, then move up the stairs.

Which one will it be… the nemesis? Maybe the orb walkers? I know them well. Do I remember enough? Their patterns, their tendencies… I pray that I do.

I push open the door just far enough to slink inside, and…


It’s you?!

Is this where my run ends?"



hkhjsjkfhhgskdhd :joy:


I didn’t even know it was possible to get that much block with the Silent. I have done it with Ironclad, but damn…


Having a ton of blur cards makes it possible. I don’t think I’ve done it with Ironclad, only The Silent


I actually could have gone infinite block with that situation because I didn’t have a Noxious Fumes up or anything like that, but I miscalculated an attack and won before I could get the 999.

Combo was LOTS of Dex (I have 8 in the picture), Runic Pyramid, Dodge and Roll, Bullet Time, and Calipers. I did have a single Blur, but I didn’t really need it.

Essentially just store up a full hand until you draw Bullet Time, play it and every card in your hand, storing the block with Calipers.

I think that one was on Asc17, vs. Awakened One.


Leontes (The Silent) vs. @mysticjuicer (Max, or “Giant Head”)

How I feel after the set:


Leontes wins 4-3. I think my order is correct, I’m not 100% sure, please let me know. Might have been a 2-2 at some point but my head is spinning.

:bbb: and :argagarg: continue to be thorns in my side; particularly :argagarg:. I had chances in all three games, but a string of strong reads from juicer clinched them all with his :argagarg: at low health. I can usually get him low, but closing it out is always tough when he’s got Joker backup and a stream of Aces.

I switch to :troq: because he’s the only thing I’ve really got against :argagarg: right now. I don’t play :gloria: well enough to try, and I’m okay with whatever counterpicks come my way (:bbb: and :geiger: I expect specifically). :onimaru: is somewhat of a character I ENJOY playing against, so I welcome that fight as either :troq: or :midori: usually. mj was kicking himself a bit for playing him. The final game I blocked one J, and then went nuts on the facecard damage, closing it out 94-0.

A pleasure as always @mysticjuicer; our games are always insane and chock full of greedy plays, hard reads, massive range shifts, valuation traps and outright stubbornness (I think I had you at 12 HP as :argagarg: one game and I threw 7x in a row hoping one of them would connect, but then didn’t and died lol). You keep me working hard to improve at a game we’ve been playing for YEARS now, and I feel like every time I come out of a set with you I’m a little bit stronger than before.

Looking forward to the next IYL. Gotta keep climbing.

art by hiromoru


Good games man. Mad at myself for picking into a MU that I’ve struggled before against you. Lesson learned!

Well said, Max.


flagrantangles wins 4-3 versus @vengefulpickle

We end as we begin, with Quince and Zane! GGs vengefulpickle! I’d write more but I have to go to bed for work tomorrow!


You can almost feel the post match shakies when you fail to @ your opponent and @ yourself instead, lmao :wink:


My fingers had a seizure to the tune of my own name! My brain volatilities are wildly structured.


Fluffy 4-2 @SirHandsome



I forgot how stressful playing vs Gloria is.

Ty @mysticjuicer for recording