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Sleeved cards sticking in Codex binders


I’ve got the Deluxe edition with the Codex sleeves. I’ve got all my cards sleeved and in the binders. Now, when I use the binders, a lot of the time the front card of every pair sticks to the clear plastic of the binder pocket. Like really sticks like shrink wrap. I have to spend time wiggling the card for a while to eventually pull it free from the pocket, or I have to use another sleeved card as a scalpel to surgically separate the card from the pocket to free it.

My two main concerns about this are: 1) Eventually damaging the binder pockets with too much card wiggling and such to wrest my cards free, 2) Looking foolish when I play because my binders won’t let me tech my 2 cards without a visible struggle.

Does this happen to anyone else? Is there a good solution for this? Do I need silica gel packs in my game box or something? Is it because I put my cards in the binders on a humid day and I don’t have AC? What is going on? Please help!


I’ve noticed this, and I can rule out humidity as a cause - the cards I’ve been sleeving and bindering are kept in a climate-controlled environment.


I’ve noticed this seems to happen more with the binders on the bottom of the stack, I think it’s the weight.


I’ve had it happen with binders on top of the stack, as well. But there may have been other sources of pressure (like the box lid.) On their own, though, the sleeves are slippery little devils.


I wonder if this is something that will sort itself out eventually, after repeated use… So @robocopulus and @Caphriel are you using Codex sleeves or another type of sleeve?


I am using Codex sleeves. I say “I” am using, but really I’m just sleeving and bindering Sotek’s cards


I just got a pack of Dragon Shield clear sleeves and put all my token cards, map cards, workers, and heroes in them. I’ve got my hero cards in the front page of each binder. I’ll see if there’s any difference in stickiness between the Codex sleeves and the Dragon Shields.


Just some data points: I haven’t seen the issue with my main set in the official binders/boxes, but I’m using KMC Hyper Mat sleeves. I live in Denver, which is fairly dry.


On my end, the sticking is becoming less of an issue. The weather is cooling, which might be helping. And I’ve been gently playing with the Codex binders each day, so the cards aren’t getting too comfortable before I pull them back out again.


My final post on this (I think). The cards continue to stick. My solution is to wiggle the front card in each pocket loose a bit right before starting a game so that it doesn’t cause any problems during the game.


Do the Dragon Shield Ones also stick?

Thx for your work in this thread!


No problem! As I mentioned, the only Dragon Shield sleeved cards I have in my binders right now are the Hero cards, who take up the centre column of the front page of each binder. I have the Dragon Shield clear (non matte). They seem to stick far less than the Codex sleeves, but a few of them (for some reason the black and red binders/Heroes in particular) do occasionally stick to the point that I have to scalpel them out with another card. The other Heroes stick rarely to never. So my firm answer to that question is: not as much, but sometimes, yes. :slight_smile: :chibiargagarg: