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Location: Riverside, CA
Local Game Store:

5404 Moreno St, Montclair, CA 91763

Own: Yomi 2nd edition whole set, Flash Duel 2nd edition
Best Day/Time: Saturday,Tuesday, Thursday after 4pm

I’m heavily interested in Codex but atm do not own it



Location: Dundee, Scotland, UK

Local Meetup:
Giant Attack Dundee Fighting game scene
The Old Bank Bar, 34 Reform St, Dundee DD1 1RH

My place

Should be able to find somewhere to meetup in pretty much any Scottish city at short notice if requested

All of yomi (V2 all characters + EX + Cursed + G Panda), All of codex (Deluxe set)



Location : Newcastle, UK

Local Meetup:

Geek Retreat, Newcastle
Dark Matter Cafe, Durham
Anywhere else in the reasonably reachable North of the UK.

Own: Codex Deluxe x2, Puzzle Strike, Yomi vol.1, Pandante Deluxe 2nd ed.



Location: Oakland, CA
Local Game Store: EndGame (Oakland)
Own: Everything.
Day/Time: Flexible


Jude is my real name.

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Local Game Store: Tabletop Games and Hobby (Nice place, lots of tables) It’s on the Kansas side.

Own: Flash Duel, Codex, Puzzle Strike 2nd ed (I know I’m a bad person)

Available: Mostly nights and weekends but whenever if I know you’ll be here ahead of time.


Location: Asturias, Spain
Own: Puzzle Strike, Yomi (many decks), Flash Duel, Codex Starter set.
Best Day/Time to Meet Up: I’m Always Available™


Is this still a thing?


Location: California, Los Angeles (El Monte)

Own: Yomi and I just recently purchased the deluxe set of Codex.

Available: Flexible, I’m just dying to try out Codex or learn how to play it properly with hands on experience.


Handle ye go by nowhere but the Sirlinsphere: variable.

Location: A hole inside my mind… :o …But, really, Omaha, NE. (Nebraska isn’t as bad as a lot of people say, but I want to live somewhere else someday!)

Local Game Stores:

Spielbound on Tuesday nights when I am a functioning device! (I want to grow the Codex scene here!!)
3229 Harney St, Omaha, NE 68131

Krypton Comics (Mostly when an Un-Set comes out for MTG, but I’ve frequented this store a lot in the past. Also, I want to try to introduce Codex to this land again!)
2819 S 125th Ave #261, Omaha, NE 68144

Underground Gaming (Super occasionally now, but one time in the semi-recent past I was playing against a paper Geiger there.)
7586 84th Street, La Vista, NE 68128

Ye could also stop by my apartment & play all Sirlin Games (Besides Flowchart!)! People I don’t know like to stop by & casually destroy me in the Grave-Rook matchup in Yomi. I’ve met some people who are into Yomises & Codices recentishly, but I still want to introduce more people I do know to the wonders of Puzzle Strike, Flash Duel, Codex, Pandánte, Yomi, and Fantasy Strike, but they sadly don’t have infinite time & even more destruction-destroyingly most of my friends aren’t into these kind of competitive games at all! :crying_cat_face: My door is almost always locked, but ye are welcome if ye are willing to win!

I also have other games, but I am extra bad at those!

Best times to meet: Over the weekend for now - especially Sundays! Also, weekdays, after 6 PM, or so! :o


vengefulpickle (pretty much everywhere)

Location: Greater Boston
Local Game Stores: There are several, but sadly real life keeps me from making it out to any of them very frequently
Own: A good chunk of Yomi
Available: To be honest, very infrequently…



Location: Houston, TX
Local Game Stores:

Dragon’s Lair Houston North
21151 State Highway 249
Houston, Texas 77070

Beyond The Dungeon
5258 Louetta Rd, Suite 130
Spring, Texas 77379

Cy-Tex Gaming
12736 Grant Rd.
Cypress, Texas 77429

Gaming Goat
2040 Louetta Rd.
Spring, Texas 77388

Ettin Games
241 FM 1960 Bypass Rd E
Humble, Texas 77338

8th Dimension Comics and Games
15210 West Rd
Houston, Texas 77095

Geek Life
728 W. 20th Street
Houston, Texas 77008

Sirlin Games: Yomi (Complete), Codex (Deluxe PnP), Pandante (Deluxe), Fantasy Strike
Best Time: Weekdays after 4, usually.


Hello, all.


Location: Leeds, UK
Local Game Stores: Patriot Games is the nearest, but I haven’t used it much. There’s also Travelling Man in town. I almost always play games at people’s houses or in a pub, though.
Own: Codex, finally!
Best Day/Time to Meet Up: Saturday all day, Sunday after noon, or weekday evenings in Sheffield. Need knowing long in advance, though.


Location: Oakland, CA
Local Game Stores: IDK, usually play at a house or some public spot
Own: Codex Deluxe
Best Day/Time: Usually weekends. Some weekday evenings OK