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[Series] Mad King Matchup Wars


In an effort to help advance the Yomi metagame, I’d like to do a video series exploring individual matchups in-depth!

How does this work?
I put a poll up asking which matchup people want analyzed. From there, I will play one end of the matchup in a first-to-ten set against a character specialist from the other side of the matchup.

The exact format of the videos will be determined once I record the sets. In all likelihood I’ll be playing multiple sets before the first video is uploaded, and then uploading videos one at a time/once per week.

Video 1 - What matchup would you like to see?

  • Menelker vs Gloria
  • Valerie vs Argagarg
  • Quince vs Gwen
  • Rook vs Grave

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I will play the character on the left for the purposes of these videos.


Cool idea for a video series!


I find it interesting that out of 7 votes (not counting mine for obvious reasons), nobody wants to see :chibimenelker: vs :chibigloria::. Do people just not have interest in that MU?


I’m pretty excited about this Gwen/Quince match. It’s my jam!

*Not strictly related, but getting used to this new forum software is making so stressed. I feel like I’m getting so many notifications! #DiveIn


As somebody who doesn’t consider himself a good player, I was immediately looking for match ups involving one of my mains so I could actually take something applicable away from the video.


I tried to vote for this one, but this forum software automatically submits the vote the second you click, and I misclicked for Valerie vs Argagarg instead :frowning: Guess I can’t get a takeback.


Hm. Looks like it was a good thing I clicked on my vote spot, then.


I think if you click “Hide results” it lets you change your vote.


I can also just mentally change 1 Val vs Arg vote to 1 Mene vs Gloria vote :stuck_out_tongue:


This forum has a higher execution barrier than the old one. I think it would be a more even playfield if it didn’t require as much skill to vote.

I voted for Quince-Gwen because I played it recently and it seems interesting.


Can confirm.


I fixed it, we’re good!


Great idea. Looking forward to the videos. :+1:
Having not much opportunities to play Yomi in real live :cry: I hope this will be a great way to learn about specific match ups.


I voted Rook vs Grave because it is a matchup from the story. Rook loses to Grave in the Fantasy Strike tourney, how can he turn this around?




I voted for val vs arg because I play val and eat fish. I need recipes for my date.


I’m still raring to hear about Gwen versus Quince and not just because I played a tourney match against a Gwen player and scored two perfect victories with Quince. #egotistical


When is this happening? My bones ache for more Yomi content.


The first matchup will be Quince vs Gwen. @cpat will fight me in that matchup from the Gwen side!

Also, the format will be first to five after realizing that FT10s take a very very long time.

Video 2 - What matchup would you like to see?

  • Menelker vs Gloria
  • Rook vs Grave
  • Valerie vs Argagarg

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I think my bones are disintegrating from the lack of matchup wars.