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Saturday Morning Yomi episode 3 take 2 [tournament]


If we get between 4-7 people showing up for this the format will change to three rounds of Swiss. Everything else will remain the same.


If it’s not too late I’ll join.


not too late. should be starting soon. so right on time


In a surprise twist, I can actually make this.


cool cool, head on over



vs @FenixOfTheAshes

:persephone: > :menelker:
:persephone: < :menelker:
:setsuki: > :menelker:


vs @ClanNatioy



last game was sets vs Val


oops yes you are correct! fixed!


Oh right I forgot about this.


vs @Zqxx

:persephone: < :argagarg:
:persephone: < :argagarg:


vs @Attilian



vs @ClanNatioy

:vendetta: < :persephone:
:setsuki: > :persephone:
:setsuki: > :grave:


Fenix 0-2 @Attilian
:menelker: < :zane: (he beat my DSD with MA :O)
:onimaru: < :zane:

Fenix 2-0 @SouthpawHare
:menelker: > :geiger:
:menelker: > :rook: (came back from very large deficit)



@SouthpawHare 1 vs 2 ClanNatioy

:gloria: < :persephone:
:zane: > :persephone:
:zane: < :grave:

Did poorly but was an enjoyable time. Thanks again for playing in the tournament. Took about an hour and twenty minutes so a pretty great length of time for a tournament. I can safely say that while I got second to last my first round Persephone is unstoppable.


grats, @Zqxx your arg is scary as always!


@SouthpawHare or @Attilian do either of you recall the result of your match in round 1?


Let’s see… I don’t know for sure, but I’m thinking it was something like…

:gloria: < :zane:
:rook: > :zane: CMB FINISH
:rook: < :grave:



Yes that’s correct.

This was a really fun tournament. A good length and everybody got to play a few games. Six player Swiss, Bo3 with fast timer seems like a contender for the optimal single day format.

Thanks for running it @ClanNatioy and all hail @Zqxx!