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Rules Questions thread

Ah. No, it’s not counted as in play. I can see how the wording is confusing there.

What happens is forecast interrupts a card’s attempt to enter play, instead sending it to the future zone, and it does that by any method of entering play from anywhere, except for entering play from the future when the last time rune is removed.


Thank you guys. Still a lot to learn :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:


Question: does second chance activates on prynn maxband?

Assuming the conditions to trigger Second Chances apply, then yes, when Prynn trashes a unit, it is leaving play by a means other than combat damage, and Second Chances returns it to play.

I assume that when she tries to return it to play, and it’s no longer trashed, that attempt just fizzles, as the alternative would be very confusing.


Yea, it just fizzles, its like trying to return a token, it isnt there.



A question about simultaneity: if 2 effects should trigger at the same time, does the active payer choose the order?
That seems correct with the game’s spirit, but I can’t read it anywhere…

Yes, the active player chooses the order. As far as the rulebook goes, it would come under “Active Player Decides” in Odds & Ends, but it’s not obvious that that’s the case.

There are also things that seem like they are simultaneous that actually aren’t. Like earthquake.

(in 10 characters)

I had a look and I was not able to find an answer to my question though I fully expect it has already been answered. Does a Wandering Mimic gain haste from a unit that was granted haste via Drakk’s maxband ability?

Yes, Wandering Mimic does not specify any conditions on how an ability it copies was acquired, so any means of granting an ability to a unit will allow the Mimic to copy that ability.


Also, don’t forget that the unit keeps the haste granted by Drakk, so Mimics will benefit from it on later turns.


In physical games, this tends to lead to a bookkeeping problem, as there isnt any way of marking the unit Drakk has granted haste to, so its easily forgotten in subsequent turns.

Been a while since I last played physical, but IIRC there is a generic rune that would be perfect for situations like this, yes?

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yes, there is.

Perfect…? Eh, if drakk dies and the unit stays in play for a couple turns, you might easily foget what the rune was for. Those generic runes are also used for time runes, among other things. Imagine putting this on a Fading Argonaut, then thinking later he had more time runes than he really did. I was just pointing out it present a bookkeeping challenge.

You can use the Two Step runes or something instead if River’s not around, etc. But yeah, you’ve got to remember what it’s for.