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I’m fine with being pinged on discord any time something is unclear.


You are not forced to choose the mode that can target the flagbearer. If you do choose that mode, you are forced to target the flagbearer.


Just to clarify: if at the end of my turn I have 10 workers, even if during my opponent’s turn i go down to 9 (eg: detonate) i do not have to tech cards and the beginning of my next turn. right?


Correct. And if you fail to make a worker and end your turn with 10 the following turn, you will need to tech.


Sorry, if you fail to make a worker, how do you end up with 10 workers?


He’s covering both parts with “fail”, so “fail to [make a worker and end your turn with 10 workers]”.


Ah okay, gotcha.


If I trash a card with attachments: are the attachments discarded or also trashed?


Attachments? Do you mean upgrades? If so, no those stay.


Ongoing spells (e.g. buffs), not upgrades, since those don’t attach to units. But yes, they’re discarded.


They are discarded.


Hi folks, I don’t see that this was answered already here (most of the Bigby questions are regarding his midband ability), but I have a question regarding his Stash ability.

The example in the database uses a discard of one card plus the stashed card.
What if I end my turn with a hand of 4 cards, and I choose to stash one?

The rules state that your draw is capped at 5. So, by the rules as written I would stash one, discard three, and draw five (3+2). Adding those five to my stashed card leaves me with six cards in hand. However, without the stash, I would be discarding four and drawing five (limited by the cap). So by stashing, I’m gaining an extra draw I otherwise would not have been allowed because the cap is based on the number of cards you’re discarding. I’m wondering if this was the intent of the ability, or merely an oversight in the wording of the discard/draw phase in the rulebook.


If you stash a card, the wording is that you draw “one less”. I would think that this means “one less after applying the draw limit”. In this case you’d normally draw five cards, so you therefore draw four. So the wording is fine.


Indeed, the wordings can be read either way, but if the reduction from Stash were applied before the draw limit, then Bigby’s starting ability would be more powerful than his maxband ability, which would be silly. So, I’m sure charnel’s interpretation is correct.


Want to clarify; a dies trigger (like that on Gorgon) goes to the controller, not the owner? So if I use Kidnapping to gain control of an enemy gorgon and suicide it / have it trade with an enemy unit or Hero, I draw 1?


Yeah, that’s how it works. It dies under your control, therefore you get the ‘dies’ trigger effect.


Mwa ha ha!!! (That’s helpful.)


There’s also a similar discussion way upthread about Kidnapping and Graveyard which supports this as well. (I had to research it to make sure for a PbP game.)