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forecasted units are out of play. You cannot target them with any effect except those that modify the time runes count. When a forecasted unit runs out of time runes, it arrives on the field (plz note: a tech I/II unit comes into play even if your tech I/II is currently down. It only matters that it was online when you played the card from the hand). If a forecasted unit has no haste, it cannot attack the turn it gets summoned, like any non-hasted unit.


And another one. Say my opponent used Vortoss Emblem to create a flying Flagbearer. If I play Versatile Style, am I now obliged to use it to disable the flagbearer? Or can I still use another option on the card?


I think it depends on the effect you choose to activate. if you pick the deactivate flier one you are bound to pick the flagbearer. but i’m not sure. @zhavier for confirmation


See what zhavier says, but I’m not sure that’s right. The text for flagbearer is that a spell or ability that can target a flagbearer can do so, not that an effect that can must do so.


Yeah, if a card has multiple options that you can choose from, you’re not obligated to choose an option that targets a flag bearer over one that does not.

So if a card says “draw a card OR deal 2 damage to a unit or hero” you’re not prevented from picking the “draw a card” option.


With forecasted units, you’re playing them before they arrive, so Drill Sergeant etc. which react to a card being played trigger immediately, but Blooming Ancient etc. which react to a unit arriving trigger when the last time rune is removed. While forecasted, cards aren’t in play, they’re in the Future zone.

Arrival fatigue applies to the turn when something arrives, not the turn when it’s played, correct.

Graveyard doesn’t trigger on cards being played or on units arriving, but units with the forecast ability that die will go into the Graveyard normally.


Oops, I meant Jail instead of Graveyard. But thanks for the clarifications.


Forecast avoids Jail, they goto the future instead of arriving. Forecast already replaces the arrival mechanic, and jail also replaces the arrival mechanic. I am not sure if a player could choose to have a unit goto jail instead of the future, though.


They can’t (see post #1074). This may be because forecasted units don’t arrive when played, and thus fail to meet Jail’s trigger condition.


I keep going…

Reality check… If Doubling Barbarbarian gets a +1/+1 rune, and then gets a -1/-1 rune, what happens? Did getting a +1/+1 rune mean he actually got two, so after gaining a +1/+1 rune and a -1/-1 rune he’s at +1/+1 effectively? Or does he just get a single rune, but get double the benefit from that, meaning, that the single -1/-1 rune cancels out the single +1/+1 rune he got, leaving him at his original stats?

The first ruling says “His ability DOES trigger when patroling as a squad leader (he gets two armor instead of one), and it does trigger on +1/+1 runes (they give him +2/+2). — Sirlin, 03/19/16”

I guess the phrase “they give him +2/+2” means a single +1/+1 rune gives Doubling Barbarian +2/+2, so if a single +1/+1 rune gets cancelled, it leaves him back in his original stats.

So… what if he gets a -1/-1 rune first, and then a +1/+1 rune? I guess they too cancel out and he is stuck at his original stats, right? He doesn’t get an added benefit from the +1/+1 rune here, right?


Correct, he gets a single + rune in both cases, and the runes cancel out as usual. It’s just that + runes will give him double the stat increase if they stick.


Does anyone know if Sirlin or Sharpo responded on discord regarding the question when to check if you need to tech?


They discussed it, but it hasn’t looked conclusive yet to me.

What they did confirm was that hitting 10 workers does not free you from teching for the rest of the game, as it would be in Nekoatl’s interpretation.


Another question from the Discord channel: the rule for a unit having arrival sickness is that they were under your control at the start of your turn, not that you’ve controlled it since then.

So, if your Horselord defects at the start of your turn, and you take it straight back with Mind Control, it can attack on that turn. No?

EDIT: sharpo’s since said on Discord that this is not the case.


I dont think it works that way. I am pretty sure it is that you’ve controlled the unit since the start of your turn.


That does make sense. It came up because the rulebook describes it like this (p.5):


Avoiding verbosity in the rulebooks is something i wish sirlin had not tried to do. Its fine on the cards, but the rulebook really should be allowed to explain things at length.


I’ve occasionally seen particularly complex games print 2 rulebooks, one simple introductory book, and one detailed advanced book.


I can’t recall where, but I’ve seen someone say you could have three: one guided tutorial session, one basic rules guide, and one complete, Avalon Hill-style rules reference to use as needed.


Re: teching cards. Sorry for giving contradictory answers before. I chatted with Sirlin about this because I want to get it right. I think a good rule moving forward is “If you ended your most recent turn with 10 or more workers, you do not need to tech 2 cards.”

So I gave the wrong answer to Sniffnoy before.

Re: FFA, we started down one path with rules for FFA, then discovered that path was annoying, so we did something simpler.

Edit: I am not allowed to amend the posts I said are wrong, probably because they are too old.