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It really boils down to what exactly is meant by “specifically asks an opponent”, whether or not “specifically” means that the opponent has to actually be mentioned in the text. Really, this could go either way, but I’ve yet to find an example of an official ruling that states that an ability fizzles as a result of this “Active Player Decides” rule that doesn’t mention a player, well… specifically.


Orpal is an exception here, since his maxband refers specifically to the active player.


Right, I knew that… not sure why I picked him as an example.


Waaait a second.

I thought this was covered elsewhere and the answer was “Active player decides”. No?


I tried to search the thread and didn’t find anything. I would assume that “moving a dead unit from play to discard” is synonymous with it dying. You can’t draw a card before something dies, so until the unit is in the discard, you can’t draw the card. Maybe that’s wrong? I can’t find anything about it in the thread though.


What’s the situation when you play a spell that draws a card when your draw pile is empty? Do spells go to the discard before you do their effects or are they kind of “in play” until you resolve them? I think I’ve been assuming the former.


Death is a state based effect, a card goes to the discard when it dies (or command zone for heroes). State based effects don’t get ordered by active players, they just are. State based effects also interrupt all other effects. A key example is how earthquake was ruled to work. The damage caused by a tech building being destroyed is a state based effect.

As for spells, Dark Pact must resolve before being put into the discard. So reshuffle and draw, then discard the spell.


I presume the thing that rememberer remembers doesn’t lose a time rune the turn it is brought back?


I have an ephemeral unit and second chances. I put the ephemeral unit in a patrol zone. It gets locked in, but dies immediately afterwards, and is brought back. I presume that it is brought back as a ready, non-patrolling unit (that will possibly die and get brought back again at the end of the opponent’s turn)?


I’m pretty sure you’re right on all counts. Note, however, that you don’t get a Scavenger or Technician bonus for the unit dying, because they’re not considered to start actually patrolling until after your turn.


Ephemeral does trigger second chances. Ephemeral does NOT trigger patrol bonuses. Even though it is locked into the patrol when it dies, patrol BONUSES only happen on an opponent’s turn. Your SQL does not get armor until the opponent’s turn starts, and does not grant a card draw until it dies during the opponent’s turn.

Rememberer can remember things even when it isnt time for upkeep (Seer, Time Spiral). But when it happens during upkeep, the fading upkeep event has already happened when the unit remembered arrives.


I wonder one thing about Setsuki’s first ability and the Resist X rules. Do you pay the other player to be able to attack Setsuki or do you pay “the bank” ie put the money back in the box of the game. The same question is for how “Resist X” works.


Both effects pay the bank. The only time gold moves between players is “steal” effects like tax collector or pillage.


I feel like I should double check I’m playing this right, I have two units who are dancing partners thanks to two step, if I flicker one with Geiger’s max band, does two step sacrifice itself?


It does indeed.

Circle of life and Cuince's Illusions

Sorry if somebody already asked this question, but because it is nearly impossible to search this forum for answers I find it relevant to post this question;

Can an “Illusion” be attacked and receive damage like normal units/heroes or can you ONLY kill it by …“when [targeted] by spells or abilities.”?


The illusion can be killed by normal means. anything that would kill a non illusion unit can kill an illusion. The rules about targeting are in addition to normal behavior.


Thanks for quick reply before!

One more question: If you have 2 Sentry-cards (purple Present tech 1) and my opponent cast a spell that deals 3 damage to ANOTHER of my patrolers. Does the effect kick in once from each Sentry? i.e do I only get 1 damage then?


Suppose my opponent has Zane out, and he gets maxbanded on my turn. Do I then choose one of their patrollers to be shoved? If so, and this results in a scavenger or a technician kill, presumably the opponent then gets the bonus twice?


If an opponent’s unit or hero requires a choice on your turn, and it doesn’t say “active player” like on some Demonology cards, then instead nothing happens.