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Time to get Blood/Demonology/Past up in this business so you can use a Soul Stone and Second Chances to keep an ephemeral unit in play for some ungodly reason. I suppose you really only need Second Chances. The Soul Stone is just because it’s funnier and also more horrifying.


This one’s a bit dumb and it looks like a bug. I’ve exhausted all other ruling sources. I think.

Alice, Bob and Eve are playing FFA.

Alice has Quince in play. Eve has Vandy in play.

It’s Bob’s turn and Bob attacks and kills Vandy with his Bloodrage Ogre. But Bob has no hero in play.

RAW at Rulebook page 21 suggest:

Whenever a hero dies, one (in-play) opposing hero levels up twice for free. The active player chooses which hero if there are multiple opposing heroes, and they can only choose a hero that actually can level up

So Bob, following this, is obliged to let Alice’s Quince get 2 free levels.

That just does not feel right.

That’s absolutely fair and your Magistrate approves this. Move along, good citizen. :chibiquince:


Another FFA question, that came up in a meatspace game a short while ago:

Player A has a Jail.
Player B has played Bamstamper Lizzo, which got sent to Jail.
Now Player C plays a unit, which also gets sent to Jail, freeing B’s Bamstamper Lizzo. Does Lizzo’s Arrive ability trigger? If so, who chooses what it targets?

Going by the rulings on Geiger, Garth, etc. maxbanding off-turn, we decided that Lizzo’s ability wouldn’t target, but I just want to make sure.


Lizzo’s ability fizzles.
Rulebook page 18

In the unusual event that an effect specifically asks an opponent to make a decision on your turn, instead nothing happens.


This is 100% the intended result. Quince would gain 2 free levels from Bob’s actions. In fact, Quince could receive the levels even if Bob has a hero out, if you didn’t want to maxband zane or garth or geiger or something yet for some reason…

Bamstamper Lizzo definitely fizzles.


2 questions regarding summoning heroes;

  1. Lets say one of my heroes die on my 5:th turn (when I attack). Can I summon that hero on my 6:th turn?
  2. If my hero dies on my opponents turn. Can I summon that hero on my next turn?


No to both. “You can’t re-summon it until after your next turn.” p. 3


Ok thanks!


I think I’ve got this one, but I want to be 100% sure.

There IS a trigger resolution window between Swift Strike damage and normal combat damage, right?

The example provided was a Swift Strike 1/1 Frog attacking a 4/4 Twilight Baron, while attacker has a 4/5 charged Might of Leaf and Claw on his side.

I think the result of the combat is going to be 6/6 Frog with 4 damage and 4/4 Twilight Baron with 1 damage.

Is that correct?


Pretty sure it would be a 6/2 frog.